Sunday, 22 May 2011

Projects, Pirates and a Flamingo.

As I said in my Leopard post this has been one hell of a week workwise, it looks like this will be the norm until our department closes in July. It's morbidly interesting in some ways to see them hurtling towards disatser and STILL refusing to listen. I've kind of stopped caring which I'm sure is a defence mechanism, it's too too hearbreaking otherwise. I do have to find some time this week to fill out a job application, I'm not going to go into detail in case I don't get it/jinx it but fingers crossed. It's still with the University/Library but a total change of career!

So yes it's been a busy week because after all of that at work I have been coming home and trying to get the place presentable for our visitors, who arrive late this afternoon. (eek still got the bathroom to clean and the bed to make up!)
There have been some wonderful moments this week too. Namely a fantastic 30th birthday party last night for our friend Will. It was in a pub in Oxford, so there was much booze, great music, fabulous company and surprisingly the food was too die for, often that can be the bit that lets the night down as they tend to do it on the cheap. In fact the birthday boy went out for a ciggy and by the time he got back in there was none left! Chips, garlic bread, nacho's,  3 baked bries, roasted vegetables, tiger prawns, cumberland sausages with relish and salad = YUM!
I also found a TKMaxx gift card lying in the street. Kind of a double edged bit of luck as I really don't rate it as a store. I have friends who rave about the place, my sister says it's her favourite shop ever, but me, well I just never seem to find those amazing bargains. Himself and I went into Reading on Sunday and I had the card checked at the till of the Reading branch, it had £22 on it. I hunted that store high and low and didn't find a thing worth having. So Wednesday my Mum and I went to the Oxford branch on my afternoon off and I finally had a result.After having scoured the store and found nothing other than a spaghetti spoon and some new sandwich tins.
 My Mum spotted this metal garden flamingo. His leg was hanging off but it was simply a case of putting it back in place and tightening the screw. I loved him and at £18.99 he was well within budget, as you can see he is already out in my garden, though the mental strong wind today has blown him over so I may have to find him a more sheltered spot. 
Next I thought I would share a few of the sewing projects I have FINALLY finished off, again in the effort to clear the chaos of our sitting room.

Firstly this is a lovely halterneck summer dress I bought on Ebay. As ever it was made with women who actually have a bust in mind, so I had to alter the bodice. It has been tacked and full of pins for months now, and once I started it was a stupidly quick job so I have no idea why I left it for so long! Other than I do seem to have lost my sewing mojo of late :-(

Next was a dress my parents gave me for my birthday last year. As it turned out it was much too short of me and it also had this weird poofy gathered panel at the bottom which made my hips and bum look freaking ginormous!?! NOT a good look. I loved the fabric though, it has flowers and butterflys on it, so I decided to make it into a shirt instead. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and have already worn it.
Next in the pile was a simply hideous modern 50's style dress that I bought cheaply on Ebay. I took a chance on it because the pictures where a bit dodgy and when it arrived ........all I will say is 'dear god'. Nasty cheap garish fabric with stains on it *however* it did have it's own petticoat attached and as I was going to buy one anyway I decided to salvage it

All I need is some white waistband elastic courtesy of my Mum ( I only have black) and I shall have a lovely petticoat to wear. :-)
Finally I found this gorgoues little pleated black evening bag on Ebay. I was actually bidding on a vintage tea towel that I wanted to frame. I was nosey any had a look at what else the seller was selling and spotted this little beauty. I didn't win the tea towel but I did win this, that's what I call a great result. lol

 It's in immaculate condition for it's age and still has it's little mirror.

Finally on wednesday we did orange wednesday and went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Great fun, just what I needed, just pure escapism.
I absolutely loved the mermaids, it was brilliant to see them going back to traditional legends where mermaids are portrayed as unimaginably beautiful but basically out and out evil, rather than the cutesy Disney Little Mermaid view.

Even if Doctor Who did pre-empt that the other week with Lily Cole in their pirate themed episode.


  1. Love the bag and the flamingo. I'm with you on TK Maxx. Racks and racks of stuff I never want to buy. Good luck with the job app.

  2. You know im going to say it - I love that flamingo!! Result with finding the tk maxx card, i do like TK Maxx for some stuff but the Reading shop isnt the best. Scarlett x

  3. What a brilliant Buy...he's fab! Result!
    Good luck with the job application. Hope it goes well.

  4. I do love the flamingo and that pretty bag. I dislike TK Maxx immensely, I never find anything remotely interesting yet Jon gets heaps of quirky menswear. Good luck with the application. xxx