Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dresses, Accessories and more Dresses.

Hello all, I don't know about you but, I've been back at work less than a week and it already feels like longer! Having said that on the whole I am feeling pretty chipper. This despite the being back at work and catching a horrible cold from somewhere, no idea where, but it scuppered my plans to go out with friends on Friday night because I just felt too rough, bah.

I had a session with my Alexander Technique teacher on Wednesday that went really well. Until she told me all about her very similar tooth drama around Christmas time. She is definitely having to have an implant and it's costing her just over £2000, two freaking grand for one tooth!?! madness! and there I was about to find out what was going to happen with my tooth the next day.......

May the heavens be praised it is not as bad as was feared. I am just SO relieved I can't tell you.
It seems I have good gums! (who would have thought it? lol) so there is still a decent sized piece of tooth beneath the gumline apparently. On top of that the x-ray shows that the tooth actually has a full length root after all which wasn't expected. In a nutshell this means my dentist will be able to drill a post into the root and attach a crown. A much easier, much smaller, much cheaper job AND my insurance will cover it. HUZZAH!
Of course it will mean 4 lots of treatment, which I won't lie, I am absolutely dreading, but by the end of  February I will be fixed. :-)

Anyway you must be wondering about the dresses from the title. I spent my Christmas money plus a bit extra on the following four frocks. First up two Pearl Lowe dresses that were in the pre-christmas sale. I do love her dresses and they fit me well.

I loved the little stars on the second dress, it is actually a longer length dress and for once actually doesn't end at a stupid place on me because I am tall!

The next dress is by Red Herring, again I know their dresses fit me well and the cut is very flattering, I know it doesn't look it on this hanger but trust me it is, mind I have already started changing the sleeves! I didn't like the gathered effect very much.
Finally a glorious gold frock. I don't usually go for things as loud as this but somehow I couldn't resist it. :-)
I also got a few other little bits.....
I'm determined to be more experimental with my tights this year, usually it's black all the way for me but I got a few coloured ones in the sales so we shall see.
Finally I went to Superdrug and bought some MUA £1 lipsticks based on recommendations read on Twitter and in a couple of other blogs. The rest was from using the Boots points I had been saving up since last Christmas all reduced sales items. The best of which was the Liberty's vanity case.
My new Liberty's Hello Kitty vanity case. Shamefully I have more than enough make up to fill it too!

Finally this was my naughty December purchase. I can't believe I have forgotten to post a picture before now!!
I wasn't meant to be buying ANYTHING for myself but I spotted this on Etsy at a too good to be true price and had to buy it.

*edited to add* I forgot to say for the people who asked. The Scottie Dog jumper came from New Look.  


  1. I have that vanity case too! Using it to take sewing stuff to my boyfriend's. Plus the MUA lipsticks are pretty good, though somewhat smudgy x

  2. I'm so happy to hear about your tooth, I felt your pain at shelling out all that cash.
    Loving the frocks especially the gold one and your tights and jewellery hauls are amazing. x

  3. ooohhhh bag love indeed that vintage bag is gorgeous ;-)) Glad to hear your tooth is going to be alright and not to expensive. Great dresses love the first one best and and that vanity case is lush ;-)) dee xx

  4. Thank goodness the tooth won't cost you an arm and a leg as well (boom-boom!). I really like the look of the lacy tights and that first Pearl Lowe dress. Oh and your new handbag - very nice.

  5. I am wearing the first Pearl Lowe dress as I type! I really like mine too.

  6. Am liking those frocks - which shop stocks the Pearl Lowe ones??

  7. Nice haul! You can't go wrong with a good dress (or, indeed, a great bag.)

  8. Phew on the tooth situation!! Love the gold glittery dress!

  9. Lovely lovely dresses and jewellery and tights! You've made me want to go shopping now! xx

  10. what a fantastic day's shopping you had - definitely a good way to start the year!

    I'm glad to hear the tooth can be fixed, and intrigued that you go to Alexander Technique - me too. I always feel so much lighter after a session, as if walking on air.