Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Oh I do Love the Bracing British Seaside.

This weekend Himself and I sallied forth to Margate to visit his parents, fix his Mum's computer and for me to catch up with my sister as she didn't get to visit over Christmas.
By heck it was freaking COLD. It was sunny, but the wind off the sea was positively arctic. I have to say the traditional health giving qualities they ascribe to 'bracing sea air' must be true because my cold has most definitely gone and I feel tip top, especially now I am toasty snug and warm back home in my house!

As ever we spent the weekend dashing around fitting in visiting everyone. Saturday morning we were up early (no lie-in sob sob). I headed out to see my sister and my dear friend Kay and Himself set off in search of a new pair of trainers, before some freelance work for his old boss and fixing his ma's computer.
I think I had the best plans for the day don't you?
 We took a brisk walk into Margate across the park where even the poor birds were shivering in the trees.
I know some people think they are almost like vermin but I love the fact there are little green parakeets in the parks around Thanet. It never ceases to bring a big smile to my face when I see them.
This was just too bizarre however.....
                                        yes that IS santa handcuffed to the railings!

Anyways I had a lovely catch up with my sis over tea and cake. Kay arrived and we had more tea, more cake and more gossip. Another friend Elka called in and we decided to walk to a nearby garden centre. We had a blissful afternoon browsing and ended up in the cafe drinking yet more tea and eating yet more cake!

Diet what diet?

They had a whole load of left over christmas decorations among which were these Elton-tastic glasses.

Well you have to try these things on don't you? Except me, I stayed strictly behind the lens! I did buy a couple of cute decorations for my tree. Now I just have to find somewhere safe to put them until December.....somewhere where I will still remember they are by December.....oh

Saturday night we had dinner with Himself's parents. His Mum was brilliant and changed the planned roast dinner with all the trimmings to mince and dumplings with boiled potatoes so I could eat it safely, bl;ess her heart.  Having spent £5000 on her own teeth last year she was very sympathetic.
We then did serious damage to a winebox whilst battling over the Scrabble board.

Sunday we had a lovely lie-in and then headed off for a stroll along the sea front and a leisurely breakfast. Breakfast was heaven but dear lord I thought I would die of cold getting to it!

 On top of that we walked through the old market place which is all wonderful junk shops, quirky galleries and vintage clothes stores. My idea of heaven and Himself's idea of hell.
He marched me purposfully past it all, intent on breakfast. All I could do was gaze wistfully in the windows as I was hustled by :-(  
Next time when it is warmer I shall tell him to bugger off somewhere else and I shall have a blissful browse!

Other than that we went to see The Iron Lady. I can't say I enjoyed it exactly, but I will say Meryl Streep was just mesmerizing and thoroughly deserves her award nominations.
I think I must have been subliminally influenced because I found myself buying this bargainous and rather Maggiesque frock, which I can't wait to wear when it's a tad warmer!

  It has chiffon sleeves and a pussybow neckline. I might take a better picture this weekend possibly even with me in it, bet you can't wait?


  1. oooh looks like I need to visit Margate Old Town. Lovely looking dress!

  2. Margate looks like great fun. I'd like the little parrots too, a little bit of sunshine in the British winter.

  3. I love Margate! I love that Santa shot.xx

  4. Sounds like a great weekend, I grew up in a seaside town, Weymouth, and I love them in winter!