Sunday, 25 March 2012

Busy Week & The Best Jumper in the World.

So other than yesterday's shopping trip I must confess I have been buying clothes elsewhere too. Last weekend I spent the whole of Saturday afternoon gardening, quite frankly I was knackered but as there is still so much to do out there I had planned to garden on Sunday too. So I was secretly very grateful when it was cold and showery all day, so I had the excuse to come back indoors.
I decided to sort through one of my wardrobes instead which created the bag of stuff I took to the charity shop yesterday and also a pile to list on Ebay.
I do find the downside of this is that I keep going on to Ebay to check how my items are doing and then end up browsing and buying!

The two things that have arrived so far are :
This cute floral dress which sadly turned out to have a huge hole in it, thankfully I was able to fix it and it's a place where the mend isn't too obvious.

Loved this checked jumper! Another thing to wear with my beloved flanel trousers. :-)

Tuesday I was out for lunch with my friends who I used to travel into work with on the train. It was lovely to catch up and thankfully the restaurant wasn't busy because we ended up spending over 3 hours in there yapping!

Wednesday Himself whisked me off to the cinema to see 'John Carter'.

I know it is meant to have bombed at the box office but it was actually a lot better than I expected. It was over long, and I suspect in a different director's hands it could have been spectacular, but it was good despite this. I think this will end up being the kind of Disney film that is on tv every Easter/Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed family viewing at that. 

Thursday I was out for the £5 pizza deal at 'Fire and Stone' with my friends Soo and Melissa. I had a 'Melbourne' which had brie, butternut squash and pumpkin seeds on it, YUM! The restaurant was absolutely heaving and we got hoofed out just before 7pm as our table had another booking.
We headed up the road to 'The Grapes' which is known to all as the 'pre-theatre pub', basically because it is directly opposite the New Theatre!

It has just reopened after being taken over by Bath Ales. It's a listed building with lovely original wood panelling so I was interested to see what had been done inside. It all looked very nice but very sadly there was absolutely no atmosphere anymore at all. Also the ceiling was once covered in old play bills from the theatre going back many decades, these were a wonderful feature in my view and have now been removed leaving a plain white ceiling instead :-(
Hopefully the pub will bed in and get some sort of atmosphere back.

So to Friday.

I hotfooted it down to Debenhams in my lunch hour as they had started their sale and I also had a voucher to spend. Of course I spent my voucher and then some, this is me after all! It was all in the sale though so I don't feel too guilty.

First up a Henry Holland heart print playsuit that has already been cut and pinned to become a dress. I don't do playsuits, far too much hassle when you need to pee! 
carrying on the heart theme a cute blouse.
Another Henry Holland item. A lovely navy and cream jumper.
Finally I was browsing the other consessions when I found THE jumper on the sale rail in Warehouse. I did squee out loud when I saw it. Thankfully there was nobody near me when I did lol.

Behold my new best jumper in the whole world.


  1. you're just as much a horror for buying on ebay as me then! great stuff though! x

  2. Love the jumper. I had a voucher for Debs at Christmas and finished up spending far more than the voucher. Do you think that is the idea ??? I am popping on over to ebay to check my listings... don't you just hate it when not one listing has turned green :)
    Take care, keep safe, well and happy
    Beverley xx

  3. I have the same problem with ebay, taking all my money :) Your pizza sounds delicious, I can't believe they hurried you out though, that's rude! Your nautical jumper is cute honey!

  4. What lovely pieces! I really like how harmoniously their hues and patterns all work together. In terms of a personal fave, it's a toss up between the heart blouse and the anchor sweater/jumper. Such darling garments!

    Thank you sweetly for your lovely blog comment on my black and blue outfit post, I sincerely appreciate it, dear gal.

    Wishing you a stellar Tuesday,
    ♥ Jessica