Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Female is More Deadly Than the Male.......

Especially when it comes to hunting down a bargain!

Today dawned glorious and I hit the town with my Mum and my sister.

       See the steely determination in the eye?This is the face of a woman ready to shop!

After my sister had opened her belated birthday pressies and much squealing from all, we headed into town.
 Now my Mum doesn't go shopping much these days, lord only knows why!?!, but there it is, it's a mystery to me and my sis. Slightly frightening too, I mean will I lose my love for the bargain one day too??


However she has trained us well, to the point where I think she was sligjhtly overwhelmed by seeing the two hardened bargain hunters she has sired in action.

To put it bluntly WE SHOPPED.

I had lugged a huge bag of stuff down to the charity shops to appease the charity shop gods so we all found a bargain or 6. I don't have pictures of her purchases but Gabs won the 'most bargains bought' crown hands down, talk about a woman on a mission!
We did do real shops too, (I bought bird food and toothpaste!) before heading home footsore and victorious to caramel cupcakes and pink fizz. :-)    

Here are my purchases.......
Nautical style jumper £4, VERY happy with this, nautical is my most comfortable look :-)

 Cute black dress for work.

 Pearl Lowe dress, new with tags £8 = result!

Polka dot dress, new with tags £6. Sorry looks a bit shapless but that is the waist ties undone and hanging down at the sides, another 'for work' purchase.

I just liked this and it was £2 so why not?

Big glass dish reduced to £1.25. It has 3 compartments so I plan to store hair clips in it. The green necklace was 49p and the earrings were my only full price purchases of the day. Coming in at £4.99, £2.99 and £2.

Mushroom dishes for Soo!

*the next bit is for Soo because she reads this blog*

Before you say anything these are a present. You can't see the price, so don't even ask! Do you want me to bring them out with me on Saturday??

Now I know I said my Mum doesn't shop much any more but she hasn't lost her touch. Before Gabs and I had even seen this my mother had it away to the till! We both would have bought it first had we had the chance!  
                                                   Still got it Mum, still got it.....

                                        The face of a tired but victorious shopper.


  1. hurrah! Those dresses are great finds, i would definitely snap up that necklace if I saw it

  2. I love the mushroom dishes, and your nautical jumper.

  3. Didn't you do well? Love that frock in the last picture, you look fab. x

  4. Feels great to have a big old shop every now and then and you scored some great bargains! :)