Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring has Sprung.

Firstly I must apologise to all of you in the U.K for the terrible cold miserable weather on Friday last week, that was my fault. After the glorious warm sunny weather we had had the rest of the week, I recklessly wore a lovely apple green summer dress to work and so jinxed the weather for one and all.
 I hope it makes you feel better to know I was freaking freezing!! All day!

My Parents came over on Saturday for a slightly early Mother's Day. We ate a very yummy lunch which I must confess I ran round Marks the day before buying, and then went to a local garden centre for a little plant based shopping.
Yes all my current spending has been on things for the garden which is allowable I think.

     Compost for repotting weevil infested tubs (goddamn weevils are the bane of my gardening life) and getting my tomato seeds planted up (still not done yet!).

Pansies and Polyanthus for the newly replanted tubs.

and new pots for my Azaleas.

Now some gratuitous garden shots........

The magnolia has even more blossom this year :-)
and Pumba seems to like sitting among the daffodils.

Finally you know how they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Look what I spotted in my next door but one neighbour's garden.*cue slightly fuzzy paparazzi style shot*
recognise those crows from anywhere??
oh yes, that's right, they are the exact same one's I have in my garden.


  1. I love your birds and Pumba! Do you think your crows are breeding?
    Your garden is looking ace. I must get some pansies soon, I love them. xxx

  2. Ps: Yes, the Hindu temples have elephants and walk them about in the mornings. Don't know whether my bag is big enough to snaffle a real one but I'll bring you back a souvenir! x

  3. It looks lovely...spring gardens are great...full of promise! I have to get some pansies in too, they're so cheery. I like spending a bit of dosh on my garden, and yep it's definitely allowable!xxx

  4. Oh I'm just about to start my garden from scratch with absolutely no budget and I have to start by digging in good compost as I have horrible wet clay soil, so no point in planting anything til the big job is done. I have no idea about gardening in the slightest or plants eeek however I keep seeing magnolias about the place and I said I like those plants, now I know what they are!!

  5. I love your Pumba model, he's so cool! I can't wait for a bit more colour in my garden, well done for getting stuck in!

  6. My garden is looking terrible, must do one of my periodic garden centre trips to buy a zillion pansies - I seem to kill shrubs. Love the crows and warthog!

  7. Oh my gosh I have missed MASSES of your blog posts, blogger didn't update me at all so I just assumed you hadn't written.
    Who was your best friend, wouldn't it be freaky if I knew her. What year was it? I lived there in 1995.....
    go on, let's frek out some more over a small world.
    And I know the guy from the chippy, or at least I remember him, and I thought he fancied ME.
    x xx x

  8. Freak I mean. Not frek...(tut)