Sunday, 11 March 2012

Gardening, Ladybirds and Elephants.

This weekend has been really rather gorgeous weatherwise so I knew I would probably end up in the garden for some, if not all of it. My parents gave us a flying visit on Friday night and finally brought over the patio cleaner that we had asked to borrow this time last year !?!
Bless, my Dad is very forgetful and as I am too, he kept forgetting to bring it over when they visited and I kept forgetting to ask! We got there in the end *cough*

Anyway we had a very lazy Saturday morning and then got down to the hard work of clearing everything off the patio which is huge and washing it down.

During...... (I bet you can guess from the above which of us was using the jetwasher at the time and which of us was tidying the planters?)
 After....It's still wet in this shot so will dry a little lighter still.
All in all we were very happy with the results. Now I just have to coincide with one of my Mum's visits to a garden centre so I can get some compost and new pots before I finally arrange things how I want them out there. :-)

Today I started to tidy the flowerbeds and rake some of the seemingly endless moss from the lawn, and quite frankly, I'm bleeding knackered and stiff as a board now. When did gardening become such hard work??
I suspect the answer to that is that I didn't spend anywhere near the time I should have out there last year so it has all runaway with me somewhat, bah. Here are some spring flowers bursting through two of the beds that are in dire need of attention.

Oh the shame!

Moving swiftly on.

Whilst I was out there I couldn't help but notice there seemed to be the most ridiculous amount of ladybirds everywhere. Is it just our garden they have taken refuge in or have any of you seen loads too? It seemed rather fitting as I bought myself this rather lovely Henry Holland top last week, in the sale of course!

  I know my Mother is going to explode when she sees it. Ladybirds are one of her things, she adores anything to do with them. I did check but they didn't do the top in her size, not sure she will believe me though.....


I bought these brooches on Ebay a while ago and keep forgetting to take a picture of them.

 Not sure about the viking ship but these came as a job lot for £3. I will clean them all up and probably keep the thistle, but the boat can go into the next charity bag.

Is it possible to have too many elephant brooches do you think?


  1. Well done for attacking the gardening! I hate that after winter job!! Love the ladybird top, HH at Debenhams is the best collaboration! I have quite a bit of it :) and you can have as many brooches as you like, why not eh?!

  2. aww I like the boat. I'm guessing they don't do that lovely top in my size!

  3. The weather's been brill hasn't it? I only meant to spend an hour on the allotment yesterday, but ended up out there for four! Love that ladybird blouse - perfect for summer (as long as we have one!)

  4. Gardening is hard work and i think the older you get the harder it becomes. The weekend weather has been wonderful ;-) No we have loads of ladybirds to and the boys seem to get loads in their bedroom but their rooms back onto the garden there must be a boom this year. Cute top and those brooches are lovely. Have a good week, dee x

  5. Sadly I couldn't get out in this weekend as struck down by the tummy bug doing the rounds. I hate garden tidy up too, I still haven't started to tackle it!

  6. Sunday was our only decent day so not much on the gardening front here. It is hard work, my Wii Fit's started telling me to put on weight, cheeky sod! Yours looks way better than mine and I love your table and chair set. x

  7. I do enjoy a bot of gardening. It looks like you got more done than I did.
    I love that blouse! I'm becoming a bit of a Henry fan on the quiet...his stuff is bang

  8. Love the ladybug printed top! =)