Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bath, London and other Excitements.

This week I am on holiday HUZZAH! I still have another 10 days to use up before the redundancy but I think I shall do them as odd days and long weekends rather than whole weeks. Rather than doing any of the many, many jobs waiting around the house I have been out gadding.
 On monday I went to Bath with two of the people I travel into work on the train with Carole and Liz. We had a wonderful day.
 We did a short river cruise to Bathampton where we got off and ate lunch before heading back into Bath itself. I was thrilled to see a Kingfisher. I have never seen one in real life before.
We then mooched around Bath where there happened to be a Bentley Rally. 

I couldn't resist taking some pictures. I was just amazed they were all parked up and left. There wasn't a soul to be seen with them, other than 50 million tourists taking pictures and trying to get in them!
We pretty much managed to avoid the rain by either going into shops or eating!
 I fell in love with this windchime made from old silver cutlery. isn't it gorgeous? It has the most wonderful sound when the breeze catches it and what a great use of knackered old forks.

 Sadly this shop was shut so we could only press our noses to the window and admire the fab window display.
We headed home on what was one of the muddiest trains I have ever seen, inside that is, the floor was covered the seats were covered. It had been used to transport Glastonbury passengers!

Tuesday I took myself  down to London. (I always say down when really it's across but old habits die hard.) I finally went to see The Cult of Beauty exhibition at the V&A. It was excellent, I didn't love it all but I loved quite a lot of it, and was beside myself with excitement to be able to get so close to the 4 Edward Burne Jones paintings. *blissful sigh*
I did my usual busman's holiday thing with the book section, ended up breezing through thinking 'oh we have that at work, and that and that' or 'Hmm our copy is in better condition'
There were 2 tremendous storms whilst I was at the V&A. Despite all the people and other noises going on you could still hear the thunder so I went to the stairs and watched out of the window for a bit. I LOVE storms.
Sadly the fashion gallery was shut but I strolled around most of the others before taking myself down to the cafe for sadly what I can only describe as the worst cup of tea I have ever had the misfortune to taste in my life. I actually couldn't drink it it was disgusting. What a shame.
I finally left after about 5 hours of blissful meandering to find the trains all up the spout because the line had been struck by lightening in Southall. I finally got onto a frighteningly packed train which I actually didn't think I'd be able to fight my way off in time for my stop.

Other excitements =  I bought some patent leather brogues in the Clarks sale to replace my now deceased vintage interview shoes.

Oh and Tomorrow I am going to Giffords Circus!


  1. Excellent! I love Bath....if I could move there I would. In fact, I might do one day.
    I'd love to go to Giffords Circus brilliant is it? Can't wait to hear about it.

  2. I love Bath too, used to work there 3 days a week and it still never bores me!

  3. Just spent ages reading through your blog - love it! Love those shoes too!

  4. I haven't been to Bath for ages, looks like a great day out!