Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The End of my Quest for a Rose Print Dress and Yummy Thing s from my Garden.

You know how it is when you get an idea in your head about the perfect dress/shoes/ornament? well this year I have been hankering after a rose print dress. I have hunted and hunted in vain. Many, many dresses have been seen and dismissed because they weren't quite right. I finally took a chance on a dress on Ebay and I'm thrilled to say when I unpacked it today I loved it. The fabric actually looks so much better in the flesh than it did in the pictures which surprised me as there was a well lit close-up.
 It's just come out of the wash and once it's ironed all I need is the right occassion to wear it at :-)

Other than that my parents came over today and my Mum brought me a couple of pieces of jewellery she bought for me at an Age Concern sale.She does know me well, pearls and an anchor.
 After they had gone I managed to get a couple of hours out in the garden.

 I harvested the last of the strawberries and the first of the potatoes plus some radishes which I really should have picked a bit sooner judging by the size! we have just had some of the potatoes for tea = YUM!

Finally I forgot to put this picture on my last post. It's my sister's lucky black cat.
4 years ago my sister's flat caught fire. It was due to faulty wiring but because she had a glade plug-in in the socket next to where it started the oil inside that combusted and caused a fire ball. Thankfully the cat was outside and my sister was at work because she wouldn't have stood a chance according to the fire investigator. She was literally left with the clothes she stood up in. It was heartbreaking going in after the event, to see all the charred and melted remains. The weird thing was you would find, say one shoe in a perfect untouched condition, and the other burnt and almost unrecognisable.
Anyway she had bought this cute little kitty postcard in an antique shop and had just bluetacked to the wall,  it survived the fire with just a little damage so she framed it and now it hangs in her kitchen, her lucky black cat and a reminder of just how far she has come in the last 4 years.
It says 'This little black cat is all alone he will bring you good luck if you give him a home'


  1. I like the idea of the framed postcard, that must have been so devestating for her but what a good reminder that you can get through anything x

  2. What a lovley dress and hope you sis is doing well now

  3. wow the black cat is a stark reminder its is amazing really that is survived. Your dress is gorgeous such a lovely shape to. And wow your potatoes look so fresh and yummy ooohhh a bit of mayonnaise and some fresh chives ;-))) enjoy, dee x

  4. Cute postcard, with a terrible story behind it - although I'm glad to know the real moggy survived. I'm terrified of house fires, they're so destructive.

    That anchor brooch is tops.

  5. Thank God everyone was out, what a dreadful thing to go through - I do love the black cat though, all the more fascinating that he survived the fire.

    Your dress looks lovely, hope it warms up a bit so you have a chance to wear it!

  6. I love that black cat, made even more special for the trauma he went through.
    That dress is stunning, you don't need an occasion, just pop it on with your lovely new jewellery and enjoy looking beautiful. xxx

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