Friday, 3 June 2011

Vintage Buttons, X-Men and a 20% off code for Tesco Clothing

Here's friday again and I feel like my house and garden are really getting away from me. To be fair I have been pretty busy, but when I am finally at home I seem to slump in a chair with all my get up and go just gone.

Oh and it looks like nature really is conspiring against me when it comes to cutting this damn hedge. First it was too wet and then too windy and then too wet again. This morning I went out to fill the bird feeders and happened to glance up......straight into the eyes of a collared dove. So no hedge cutting until that particular nest has hatched, fledged and flown! I did manage to get a couple of hours out there this evening pottering about, watering and picking strawberries. Yum.

 So, vintage buttons and glass ones no less! How thrilled was I to find these for just £1? As you can see one has got a chip, but it's on the back so you can't see it when it's the right way round, not sure what I'm going to do with them yet mind you.

I also got these ones. I just love the sea green colour and sort of mother of pearl effect.

This week I finally managed to get the job application in after Himself had got out his red pen of grammer/spelling and corrected a few bits for me. I'm not expecting anything from it, I don't really have the right experience, but it was good practice and I am finally getting a bit more comfortable with the 'I'm simply fabulous how have you managed for so long without me?' personal statement writting.
Monday we have a meeting with the big chief no less, to discuss the 'future of our department and our place in it' which when you keep in mind the fact it's closing forever in 2 months time seems a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted!
I also really, REALLY dislike the woman so it will be kind of hard to sit across a table and not inflict some terrible injury. This is a person who has never been able to bring herself to even acknowledge me whenever we have passed each other in the corridor because I am too low down in the pecking order, (I on the other hand always smile and say good morning cos I was brought up proper!) and on the one occassion I had to tell her something looked at me like I was shit on her shoe and actually walked off whilst I was still speaking! According to personnel I'm meant to believe that she cares about, and takes an interest in me and my collegues. Bullshit.

On a lighter note we took Nephew Number One to see The X-Men First Class. What a fab film and Michael Fassbender was every bit as swoonworthy as I'd hoped *blissful sigh*
 Gratuitous picture! 
Thankfully Himself accepts my little obssession with good grace and was kept happy in his turn by Rose Byrne and January Jones!
To digress If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend 'The Devil's Whore'  which was on channel four a couple of years ago. It's about the English Civil war and has John Simm, Andrea Riseborough and Michael Fassbender in it. It was definitely the start of my crush on him. It's got men with long hair, Andrea Riseborough is just stunning, and quite frankly I would happily watch John Simm act the phone book so what's not to like?     

Finally for those of you who don't get the free newspaper 'The Metro' but might shop at Tesco Clothing Online there was a 20% discount in yesterdays issue. Just type in 'METROSS' at the checkout, it runs out on the 5th June so you'll need to be quick! I have bagged me some bargains :-)

To all of you going to Swing For Skin on saturday, have a wonderful time. Sadly I had a prior engagement booked and shall be indulging in handbag and shoe heaven

at The Lightbox in Woking with my dear friend and fellow accessories junkie Soo. I don't doubt I will be blogging about the exhibition on sunday!


  1. I love the buttons! I spent the morning rummaging through the sewing lady's stall at our local car boot sale, she has hundreds of buttons, mostly vintage, and I was so overwhelmed I ended up not buying any at all!

    I couldn't go to Swing for Skin either but bought some raffle tickets and am keeping my fingers crossed for either the bicycle or some gin..

    Have a good weekend!
    Miss P xx

  2. Those buttons are fab. Grr, I can't stand bad manners even if people are meant to be 'senior'. x

  3. I adore those buttons! The detail on the blue-green ones are divine!

    As for Michael Fassbender, he looked so hot in "Inglorious Basterds!" The 40s look suited him so well :)

  4. That first set of buttons are gorge. Good luck with the application x