Sunday, 19 June 2011

Who wants to do Housework when you can go Shopping?

For the first saturday in ages I had no plans! *woop woop*  Himself was out gadding in town (which included buying tickets for Bowling for Soup when they play Oxford in October = HUZZAH.)
I was meant to be doing a little, ok a lot of housework. Instead I lay in bed reading until my growling stomach would be ignored no longer. Scrambled eggs on toast and much tea later I sat surveying the disaster that is my sitting room. 'I really, really need to tidy' I thought 'I know I'll go to the charity shops instead' I decided. I did have a bag of stuff to take down so that would class as tidying a bit right?
I had a lovely couple of hours browsing. It was all about plates apparently as you will see below.
  First purchase reduced from £6 to £2. I didn't really want the bigger plates but they wouldn't seperate them so I took them all. As it turns out this was a deliberate move on their part becuase the bottom 4 plates were very damaged and had next to no print left on them. Grrr
Next up in the 4th shop I went into I found this medium sized serving dish for £1.
On to the next shop and still no clothes but I did get this gorgeous plate for £1.49
I also found two pink cups and saucers for my Mum's mis-matched teaset for £1
Finally I found this little green glass dish. It's just the thing I've been looking for to put my stud earrings in.
Oh and did you really think I would come away without an elephant? Of course not!
 This dinky little chap  just looks so happy I had to buy him even though he is a bit grubby on one side. This is his good, for the camera side. I need to figure out how to clean him now.
I did also buy another new set of bedding, a V&A museum set no less and at less than half price.
Here it is drying, the design is based on some chinese porcelain apparently so the plate/china theme to my day continues! Now I just need to sort out my linen cupborad and pull out the ancient bobbly sets of bedding which can be relegated to use as dust sheets.

I also got talked into buying 2 pounds of cherries by the bloke on the fruit and veg stall. Anyone who knows me knows I adore cherries so it was a done deal. I made a huge cherry clafoutis and I still have a big bowlful to eat. Yum.
Himself arrived home with a friend which left me filled with shame all over again at the state of the sitting room so I did finally tidy up.

Project for today, after food shopoing and visiting my Dad is mending this green faux pearl 3 strand choker for my Mum. She bought it at the same time as the faux pearl neclklace for me and didn't like the clasp so she just cut it off with wire cutters!! Nice one Ma, now I just have to figure out how to fix it for her......  


  1. I love your finds. I have a sugar bowl that matches the pink cup and saucer, I use it to keep my cotton wool in.

  2. What a lot of lovely things! Taking stuff to the charity shop definitely counts as housework. x

  3. Great finds, as always! I love the china and the V&A bedlinen is really beautiful - I'd cut it up and make a dress LOL! Hope you get your mum's necklace sorted out (best get prior clasp approval!). xxx

  4. Lovely finds really like the art deco yellow flower plate really pretty. Its great when you have a bit of me time ;-)) enjoy your week, dee x

  5. I definately vote for a CS trip over housework any day!!

    BTW naughty CS for putting the duff plates at the bottom of the pile :(

  6. Hmmmm,housework/charity shops!?
    You made the right choice!!Well,the one I would have made!!! Lovely scores!!!xxx

  7. Try Vanish Upholstery cleaner on the elephant - it worked on my husband's canvas pananma hat. Try it on a little area first.

  8. Im all for C Shopping over housework! You found great items, esp love the little tea cup! Scarlett x