Saturday, 30 June 2012

An Early Morning Call from The Postman.

Was not exactly welcome as I had only gone to bed at 1am rather the worst for the wine having been to see the comedian Robin Ince (click to see a reiew) and decided opening a bottle of wine when we got in was a good idea after the couple of large glasses I had had whilst I was out!

Anyway Mr Postie had brought me a huge package from Clare who was my Blog-swap partner in the Faith Hope and Charity Jubilee Swap

Without further ado here are my swap goodies.....

A spotty notebook and pretty card.

A lovely brown dress :-) I know you can't see it here but it has tiny little lighter brown polka dots all over it.

An old toffee tin full of goodies! Now Himself got quite excited when he saw the tin, would you believe his Grandda used to have one which Himself was so fascinated with when he was little that he eventually got given it and kept all his treasures in it. What a coincidence!
Clare made the brooches herself which is funny because without any prior consulting I had made her one too! Clearly great minds think alike. I love the postcard of the girl.

Look at this booty. A GORGEOUS navy patent handbag filled with 2 scarves, sunglasses a fan and 2 bead necklaces, the blue one is particularly welcome because I have recently broken the one that I had.

well worth being woken up for don't you think?


  1. Wow, great swap goodies - love the tin, and the bag is worthy of HRH herself! Thanks for taking part and for linking up xx

  2. I'm glad you like it all! I was going to put a couple more things in but Mike kept going "oh no, are you giving that way?" (things from my stash of objects too nice to charity shop and handy for presents) - he did the same when he saw the little shouty Harrods duck. I think it worked out alright! What weird coincidence about the tin! Do you remember The Flumps by the way?

  3. What a fab parcel, you can rely on Clare to find some amazing stuff! That's such a bizarre coincidence about the tin. x

  4. Wow, that is thoroughly worth being woken up by the postman for! What a marvelous array of swap goodies - I especially like the dress and classic navy blue handbag.

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my vintage yard sale finds post, I really appreciate it and hope you have a gorgeous, relaxing Sunday,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Definitely a parcel well worth waking up to and that is such a coincidence with the tin - spooky eh?