Saturday, 9 June 2012

Exciting Packages in the Post.

I had two lovely packages waiting for me when I battled home through the wind and rain on Friday. The first was a lovely vintage dress I bought on Ebay.

It was listed as a '1970's vintage dress' and I just loved the orange flower fabric so I decided to go for it even though I wasn't entirely sure I was going to fit in it!
 Now it is here I am so glad I took the risk because I *LOVE* it. Also I am not convinced it's 1970's, personally I think it is older, not that I really care either way, it is handmade and beautifully so.Fully lined and with a swirly full skirt. I shall handwash it tomorrow and then I might feel brave enough to try it on and see if it does actually fit.......

Before I get to the second package do you remember the straw cat bag I got for my birthday from my lovely friend Soo?

 well I did decide the pink was just too much for me, as I have mentioned before I really don't like pink, so I decided to make it red!
  Et Voila! Red cat :-)

So, yes on to the second parcel, it was from the Wonderous and Wonderful Vix !

She was very kind enough to bring me some elephants back from her last trip to Goa after I wittered on about them as I am prone to do.
Talking of elephants, to digress for a moment, this weekend was not just the Queen's Jubilee it was also the 60th birthday of Anne the Elephant.

The oldest elephant in captivity, she was rescued from a circus last year who were ill treating her and after a national campaign now lives in Elephantine luxury at Longleat Safari Park.
Apparently she celebrated her special day with 2 watermelons and a bucket of sand, now that's what I call a 60th birthday celebration! 

Anyway, back on track. Here are the elephants from Vix in all their spendour hanging from our fuse box and making the pipe work behind look 100 times better!! 

She also included this teeny tiny wee white elephant she found in her Dad's house.

Some wacky elephant cards which made me laugh and a camel print scarf which she quite rightly guessed I would love. The hair shall be tied up in it a LOT I can assure you, it's ace!

Thank you for your generosity, it really is appreciated.


  1. Love your dress - hope it fits!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. aahh bless Vix those elephants are lovely especialy the one from her dads house. That poor old elephant im so glad she now has a good home to relax in things like that really get to me. Love your dress its gorgeous. dee x

  3. Wow that is a really lovely dress! Hope it fits.

    We bought some elephants back from Thailand. The position of the trunk has different meanings - I think up is for good luck and down is for good health? Google it :) x

  4. What a great pressie, Vix is so lovely. The dress is fab. looks like a metal zip in the back in which case I'd say 60s rather than 70s x

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  5. That dress is lovely, great print and fabulous vibrant pattern. Bet it looks gorgeous on!
    Glad you liked the parcel! xxx

  6. Love the dress, lovely pattern. Your postman must have worn tracks up your path! I prefer the bag red too - how did you do it?

  7. Vix does such great parcels of delight! I love the cat bag too xxx