Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sea, Plumbers and Gale Force Winds.

I am on holiday HUZZAH. I have much to do in my week off work and so far have done pretty much none of it!
Friday after harassing our rental agency a plumber finally arrived to sort the various plumbing based issues at the house. I have to say the plumber is a lovely bloke and arrived with an apprentice in tow and the pair of them had me sniggering away to myself the whole time they were here. Partly due to words like 'ballcock' coming up in the conversation and that fact that 'my' cistern is very old and corroded apparently! (and there was me feeling in fine form that day) but also for the fact that the plumber is a proper Oxford boy with a strong Oxfordshire accent (very country yokel, often mistaken for a west country one) and the young lad he brought with him was terribly posh when he spoke, we're talking a Prince William type accent and I just found it very funny for some reason. I know, I know it's just me I have an odd sense of humour.
Anyway, one gas safety inspection, two new washers, a new shower hose and some tinkering with my cistern and I was good to go!

So off I went,

 to good old Margate for a long overdue visit with the in laws and catch up with my dear demented sister. Thankfully the god awful weather we had been threatened with didn't quite materialize though the gale force winds all weekend did make for some bracing sea air!

Now I hope you are all sitting down to read this because all I bought all weekend was 2 plants for a £1 each!?! I kid you not! Queen of the shopping expedition came away with two wee pot plants and that WAS IT!!
 So I have no pictures of exciting purchases to show you I'm afraid.
I did buy this rather gorgeous yellow frock on Ebay which arrived the day I left and went straight into the suitcase! I wasn't sure about me in yellow but it looks great on, and I'm really pleased because I love it. I just need to fix the hem. One of the many jobs for this week that I'm not doing......

It was blissful to get some fresh sea air (even if it was trying to rip the hair off your head) and relax a bit. I got to catch up with my good friend Kay too and give her her long overdue birthday pressies.

All I have to share with you are some very random pictures from the pub on Saturday night. We went to Barnacles with Himself's Mum and Dad and drank far too much but it was good fun and thankfully I didn't suffer too much the next day!

As you can see I was wearing a lovely green lace dress but instead of a full length picture of it's loveliness all you get is a gratuitous boob shot! (cameras and alcohol do not mix.)

Himself's Mum was wearing this luscious velvet Art Deco peacock coat. I may have to kill her for it because there is no way she will let me get my sweaty hands on it otherwise!

Isn't it stunning?


  1. I'll hold her down and you steal it! That peacock coat is divine, I'm in love with it!
    Your dress is gorgeous, too. Have a fab week. x

  2. OH that peacock coat! Amazing! And would match my earrings. Once you've nicked it I'll come and kick you in the shins and nab it from you ;-)

  3. Ahhh - nice coat!! I too have that yellow dress :)

  4. I want that coat! Let's steal it, but then we'd probably murder each other for it instead of sharing nicely. Love the dresses too, yellow and green are fantastic. I really must get on and sent your swap stuff!! xxx

  5. Ooh that yellow dress is gorge! And I'm loving the peacock jacket, lovely colour :)

  6. Love the deep, almost saffron hue of your new dress. I've been hunting for a yellow one (yellow is tricky for me to wear, but I can pull off very fair or very dark hues usually) for sometime now, but no luck yet.

    ♥ Jessica