Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I only went out for a loaf of bread....

Honest Guv. We were out of bread and I needed to get a couple of things in Wilkinsons so Himself and I decided to go and see if there *really* was nothing festive happening in town and whether any shops were open so we could buy bread.  (I know it's only a bank holiday so usually the shops are open but that doesn't seem to signify when it comes to our local high street and opening times!)

As it turns out there wasn't a Jubilee celebration to be seen, not even the local arts centre cafe was open! I actually find that sad, whether you are a fan of the royals or not, this is actually a once in a lifetime happening and a damn good excuse for a knees up, and when you see all the effort made elsewhere it's really rather pathetic to refuse to do anything. A bit like being the sulky kid standing arms folded in the corner. Ah well it's been and done now and clearly our town council are miserable gits.

Anyways as it turns out shops were open so we got our bread, from the local bakers no less (so much nicer than Sainsburys!) I went into Wilkinsons and got most of what I needed, and then, what was this I should see? some of the local charity shops were open = RESULT.
I'm sure I've mentioned before Himself is not a fan of charity shopping so if he is with me I have developed a strategy. No more than 3 shops and I have to do a calculated and ruthless sweep as I get no more than the 10 to 15 minutes it takes him to look at the books, cds and dvds in each shop. Yesterday I struck freaking gold, oh yes.
Not only did I get two fab things for my blog swap (which I can't show you cos I don't want to spoil the surprise) and a Gary Numan t-shirt which I will selflessly give to Nephew Number One rather than keep for myself.......I got this rather lovely pussy bow blouse at a ridiculous £1.49 in the Jubilee half price sticker event. (See town council even the charity shops can get into the spirit!)

I also found this rather gorgeous real leather vintage handbag for £6.99.

This made me very very happy. I love it and it is in imaculate condition.

To the point where you almost feel bad about using it and making it's innards all grubby.....

Clearly I should go out for bread more often!


  1. Love that bag - gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Gorgeous finds love the bag that is lovely. Its been a great weekend there has been loads going on in and around our local area. But i agree your council are miserable gits ;-)) dee xx

  3. Awesome handbag! It's really lovely. You should deffo use it, nothing's sadder than an unused thing crumbling away. It deserves to be seen and admired.

  4. Oh wow, good score with the handbag, it's a beauty! Worthy of her majesty herself.

    I thought you were going to go into a Micky Flanagan sketch when I saw your title - have you seen that one? "I just popped out, I wasn't going to stay out, now look at me - I'm OUT out!"

  5. oh hoo.. I can't wait! I'll be getting all my stuff for you together ASAP! Love the blouse and the handbag, they go really well together! xxx

  6. That purse is obviously out of control but it's getting an unfair share of the love, so: I love the blouse! I am a sucker for anything with a tie or scarf at the neck. Those "oh, but I only went out for..." shopping finds are always the best; when I was a young'n I once went into the city on an interview for university and, what do you know, passed a stoop sale on the way--arrived at the interview with a bag of vintage dresses! (Luckily the interview was for an arts course...?)