Thursday, 28 June 2012

Vampires, Rock Stars and a Pub Landlord.

Well considering I had a week off work last week and did nowhere near the amount I had planned to do I still didn't find the time to blog despite wasting a fair amount of time on the internets.
 It was blissful to have some time off and to do things like get up in the morning, make a cup of tea and go back to bed to read! I never seem to find the time to read these days and I miss it. 

I was extraordinarily good with my diet all week, I confess I did go out for cocktails and dinner with some girlfriends on the Monday but other than that I was a picture of restraint. It all went horribly wrong on Friday when I got in from the pub. Having been very good and only having 2 pints whilst out, I was grumpy and freaking RAVENOUS by the time I got home. So I fell on the toaster and stuffed my face with thickly buttered toast like a woman possessed. I haven't stopped eating since dammit. Ah well tomorrow is another day and all that.

Onwards to the title of this blog, for toast and my sheer piggery have nothing to do with vampires or rock stars I hear you cry 

Himself and I have been to the cinema, not once but twice.
First to see Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter.

Himself loved it and I must admit I enjoyed it too. It was very, very silly but great fun. It was a little jumpy for me in places (I am not a fan of horror) but on the whole it gets a thumbs up in the Magpie household.

Second was Rock of Ages.

I'm not able to articulate so well on this one, Himself says it's because I am suffering from outraged nostalgia. Lol
 It has been described as 'Glee for dads' but I think Himself described it better as '30% the best film I have ever seen and 70% the worst film I have EVER seen!'
I did have to come home and listen to the original versions of at least 5 of the songs used just to purge the awful film versions of them from my head!!

There were some very funny bits, (they did get the revolting L.A rock club toilets spot on!) and Tom Cruise was really good, miles better than I expected him to be if I'm honest. But oh! it was hard to watch a time and musical genre that I lived and breathed, that indeed was my whole existence during my teens and 20's treated in such a way. Very Hard. Outraged indeed.

We also went to see the comedian Al Murray this week too.

I have seen him on T.V of course but to be honest he is not really my comedy cup of tea. For those of you who don't know him he plays a character called 'The Pub Landlord' and this was a warm up gig for The Edinburgh Festival and his next national tour. It was in our local arts centre, a small venue so we thought it was a good chance to see a comedian who normally plays huge venues in somewhere intimate.
 It was pretty much as you would expect, he interacts with the front two rows, and generally takes the piss out of them, then tells a few jokes. I did laugh out loud and I did enjoy it but I feel no need to ever go and see him again.

The arts centre does serve some damn good wine at very reasonable prices it has to be said which was probably not such a good idea on a school night.....


  1. And there was me thinking you might cross-link to my reviews of all* of those ;)

    * I didn't review the toast. Didn't have to, I love toast.

  2. I've heard Rock Of Ages being described like your other half did, the awful/amazing ratio changes. Not a big fan of Al Murray's character, the man himself is very intelligent, he went to Oxford and everything, but he was better with Harry Hill

  3. We just saw Abe Lincoln last night and both of us really liked it too. It was very cheesy but kind of awesome :P

  4. That Rock of ages sounds so horrible I almost want to see it. I used to quite like Tom Cruise as an actor but he makes me shudder with disgust these days! xxx