Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Brief Respite from the Grindstone.

So today I had the afternoon of work = Huzzah! I met my parents and we popped into town as my mother needed a particular cat food for her very fussy eater Mishka. At the same time my Mum announced she wanted new shoes, it's so typical of my Mum to wait for the sales to be over and then decide she needs something *SIGH* Also shoes are a nightmare as she has a bunion.......
Well as it turns out the shoes faires that were so good to me the other week were obviously looking out for my Mum too. The Clarks sale was still on!
So I marched her into Clarks, 'they never have any in my size in the sale' 
sat her down 'there's no point nothing will fit'
and put every size 6 with flat heels in front of her and not only did she find one but two pairs that fitted! One red and one black, she was thrilled and so was I. I love other peoples sucessful shopping as much as my own.:-)

As I was out with my Dad as well and he hates charity shops with a passion we only got the chance to pop into one whilst he was at the bank. I got 8 reels of vintage sewing thread for £1.00 and a fab patterned shirt to cut up for my sewing projects. Talking of which a shamless plug for my Folksy shop that I am in the process of stocking.

 Cherries! and new ones I need to put together. I was having a bit of a cherry thing going on lol.
A couple of cats

and new ideas I'm working on.


  1. Cherries are an excellent choice :)

    Arrgh parents huh???? My mum is the same. At least it had a successful ending. xx

  2. Cherry-tastic!!! Love them!!! :)

  3. You sound like a girl after my own heart! Love rock and big band, too! Cute blog

  4. Nice sewing! I like the cats, and the heart with the toadstool on.

  5. These are so cute! And I also love it when other people have successful shopping trips - almost as much as when I have one!

    xoxo ~ Courtney