Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Happy Monday !

So yes yesterday was Valentine's Day and as it turned out it most definitely went from very bad to very good.
Like many others on here we don't celebrate in any great fashion. Our only tradition is that we always buy each other 2 cards (it's a long story!) and as a woman who loves her fizz, it's always an excuse to pop a cork!

Yesterday work was hellish, it's been getting worse slowly but steadily. Good days seem rare now sadly. It kills me because I have always loved my job, but enough because this isn't about me wallowing, it's just to show. that I was feeling very flat when I got to the station last night. Himself had already texted to say he would be finishing at the same time and would meet me there, and sure enough there he was with a lovely bunch of roses. Just the thing to cheer a girls heart, valentine's day or not.  

We got home and feasted in fine fashion on fishfingers and chips, again what better way to cure all ills than eating chips? Ok cake runs a close second :-)

To digress for a moment we have a Cineworld cinema about 10 minutes walk from our house which is ace. Himself LOVES going to the cinema and has one of their Unlimited Cards which means for £14 a month you get to go as often as you like. He will pretty much go and see anything because after you have been twice, it's free.
Anyway we decided to go and see a film and he said I should pick what we saw . Top choice was 'Paul' but at the moment it is only on at 9pm which is way too late for me to be out on a school night. So my second choice was 'True Grit' which I really wanted to see. Not sure where my love of horse operas comes from, possibly my Granddad who was a huge fan. I don't share his love of John Wayne I must say Clint Eastwood or James Stewart is more my idea of a western!
Anyway I loved it and my day ended on a high. Unfortunatly Himself didn't, I'm just so used to him going to see whatever, that I had managed to completely forget that he hates westerns :-( 
I did feel bad that he didn't have the same enjoyment I did, I mean valetine's day is meant to be for both of you really isn't it *guilt*.

On the subject of the film we both agreed, love or hate westerns, young Hailee Steinfeld was just jaw droppingly good, she simply acted everyone else off the screen. What a talent! The Oscar nomination is very, very well deserved.



  1. Ah. That's PANTS about work being pants. Maybe time for a change?
    But - pleased you had a good night out :)

  2. no choice but to change sadly, my job is not going to exist in 6 months time :-(