Friday, 18 February 2011

What's in my Drawers at the End of a Very Long Week.

I don't think I have ever felt so TGIF as I do today. This week work has just been total shit. This afternoon  was  the last straw, my camel's back was well and truely broken.I came home completely fed-up, you know it's bad when even wine and chips don't do the trick!

So to give myself something else to blog about I decided to follow in the footsteps of Brittany and Charlotte and do a drawer post. Obviously the undies are most definatly not going online but here are:

my jewellery overspill drawer! The clear and paisley jewellery boxes are full of earrings and the black fabric one you can just see on the left has yet more bracelets in it.

My make-up drawer.

This was my drawer for scarves, gloves and sunglasses.
but I have *SO* many scarves now my hair is long again, that I also have a bag full of them too.......hmm could be the time for a clearout of this particular drawer.

On the subject of jewellery I didn't come up with my blogging name of 'Miss Magpie' from nowhere. I have always loved shiny things right from a small child. Infact my answer once on a quiz question 'what bait would someone have to use to catch you with in a trap?' was 'put something shiny in the bottom along with cake'!
For those of you who may not know, magpies are a brightly coloured members of the crow family and they are attracted to sparkley or shiny things.

Their nests often have candy wrappers and aluminium foil woven into them. Due to this, one fairytale around them is that they steal jewels because of their sparkle. So as you can see from the picture below the name is well deserved in my case. 
This is the top of my chest of drawers. It's very full of sparkle as you can see, I must point out that this is the result of years and years of collecting. I think I bought myself my first necklace when I was 8 and I still have it, it was a little orange bear in dungerees. If it wasn't all so beautiful I might be ashamed to have so much but it is so I'm not.:-)
I really struggle to clear out my jewellery. I can have a damn good sort through of everything else but this is my one struggling point. If it's something I don't wear anymore and a friend has admired it I can give things away but otherwise no. I have a secret fear of me getting worse, of ending my days in one of those houses where there is a small pathway through the piles and they will find me crushed under a fallen pile of possesions.

To change the subject conmpletely from that horrible thought to that of me reigning in my terrible spending habits. Only a week of  February left and I have done pretty damn good this month. Mostly it must be said because I've been in non-stop headless chicken mode at work which means by lunchtime I'm good for nothing except to collapse in a heap until it's time to leap into action again. I have bought a few make-up bits in Boots and I did buy some hair accessories whilst shopping for birthday bits for my sister but that is it. I have decided not to count the charity shop shopping unless it is a big purchase, they are my rules and I will bend them if I like lol. Long may I keep it up!

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  1. Wow - a mighty wall of necklaces! A true magpie you are! Great idea to photo your drawers you have an impressive collection :)