Thursday, 24 February 2011

What a Week That was Part One. Film! Music! Hair Drama!

Well this week certainly had it all.Here is an unusual week in the life of Miss Magpie:

Sunday = Film!
We finally got to see Paul on Sunday and loved it.

I'm a big Simon Pegg/Nick Frost fan, though not as big as Himself who was guffawing away next to me throughout. The scene with the Star Wars T-shirt was Himself to a T! I plumped for the 4.45pm showing so we could get back and have some dinner before I could settle down in front of Antiques Roadshow and South Riding. Huzzah, thoroughly enjoyed both.

For some reason I did not sleep at all well Sunday night and crawled out of bed all weak and pathetic with the Monday alarm.

Monday = Music!
Monday we had tickets to see Europe. That's Europe as in the 80's, Final Countdown, all hail Joey Tempest's huge perm etc. I know frightening right?

  I must point out I have never been a fan. When you bear in mind I was a huge fan of similar bands back in the day, Europe just never did it for me and dear lord that above mentioned song *shudder*
However last year they got back together to make an album just for the hell of it, and it started to get serious critical aclaim.
Himself checked it out and was amazed to really like it. They were playig our local O2 Academy so what the heck? and you know what? they were bloody brilliant!
 To give Joey his well deserved due he certainly has whatever that 'X' ingredient is that makes a front man. I can appreciate that in any good charismatic front person irrespective of the music or whether I like it and he had it in spades.His voice has somehow matured as well.

Here I am, in not only a dress I bought from Charlotte   

 (as you can tell I do HATE having my picture taken and am always stiff and awkward!)

but also the lovely necklace I bought from Buttoned up Betsy

We had a great night out and I even sang along to The FC with everyone else, it seemed rude not too.

Got home late, didn't get much sleep so weak, pathetic and helpless on tuesday morn.

Tuesday = Hair Drama!
For a little background to set the scene:
All we vintage film/fashion fans know the gloriously gorgeous Veronica Lake right?

Legend has it that she was asked to cut her famous peek-a-boo fringe because there had been some terrible disfiguring injuries caused to female munitions workers getting their copycat haircuts caught in the heavy machinery they use.

So on tuesday I decidedon an early night being still weak, pathetic etc and had a lovely hot shower before turning in. As a rule I blow dry my fringe and leave the rest to dry naturally but as I wanted to go straight to bed I decided to blow dry the whole lot.This is where it all went terribly wrong......

I have quite an old hairdryer and the sponge bit that covers the air intake as long since gone. I'm drying away, mind in neutral thinking of my lovely bed and Wham! A chunk of my hair gets sucked into the back of the hairdryer!!?!
 Dear lord above it hurt! I'm shrieking and cursing and Himslef is trying to help and not laugh. You can picture the scene. I managed to tease some of my hair out but the rest was just too well wrapped around the dryers innards and so was lost. *weep*

Next installment to follow if you can possibly stand the strain.


  1. Ouch! That sounds so painful. The lengths we go to for beauty x

  2. oh the hair incident does sound painful. Great pic of you ready for the gig x