Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Those Glorious Glamour Years!

What a lovely way to end what has been a trying day (and that is putting it mildly!) I came home to not one, but two parcels.
The first was this fabulous book. I have been after this book for ages. It is out of print and usually STUPID expensive secondhand. One of the perks of my current job is that I can call up our copy and drool over it when the need overcomes me.

Just after Christmas I finally managed to find it secondhand in America for a halfway decent price and decided to spend some Christmas money on it, even though I didn't actually have any Christmas money left at the time!
I was begining to dispair of it ever arriving but today it finally did and how happy I am to see it.
There is a chapter on 'Glamour at Home'.

Glamour in the Bedroom.

Work suits.

Subchapter on backless evening dresses.

The list goes on. Glorious is indeed the word.................

The second parcel was my Bloggy Love gift from the lovely Cheri at Cwtch Corner


  1. ooh, might have to hunt thisd down for myself. Gorgeous!

  2. OMG - what an amazing book and those photos are completely superb. I can see why you desired it so much.

  3. That looks fantastic - I will snap one up if I ever see one!

  4. Is there a sin higher than envy/jealousy/so-green-i-look-like-Orvil? If there is - then I am it! Top find!

  5. AAAH! Do want! That looks like an absolutely amazing book. Well done for getting it for a good price.

  6. Woweee I love it!! Now then if we meet up for a tea in Brighton this summer I will have to insist you bring it along ;-) x