Sunday, 13 February 2011

Gardening, Spring Cleaning and Lovely Surprises

So I'm sitting here watching the Baftas full to bursting with roast dinner. It's been a busy weekend but I have achieved things so I'm feeling tired but pleased.

Yesterday it was sunny so I finally got out in the garden and dug the veggie patch. I borrowed my neighbours wheelbarrow and emptied one of our compost bins to dig in before planting anything. It was in there, about halfway down, that I had my first surprise.

The kitchen knife I lost about 3 years ago! Obviously I must have thrown it out with the peelings at some point. It was in amazingly good condition and after a thorough clean it's as good as new.
By the time I had done the digging, planted out onions and potatoes and weeded the rockery I was freezing. It was not as warm as the sun made it feel that's for sure.
Thankfully my brother arrived so I had the good excuse to quit and head into the warm and drink tea and lots of it.
The next surprise came in the post from Jenny at The Life and Times of a Vintage Obsessive. whose give away I won.
Isn't he gorgeous? He's going on my work coat before I leave tomorrow morning. :-)

I also openned my Bloggy Love package from Cheri.. If you are back from Austria and reading this, Thank you I love it all x x. The minute I openned the outer wrapper the gorgeous smell of soaps was just divine!
Oh I should point out there were also some chocolates in said package but they only lasted about 30 seconds!
Today it was pouring with rain so I decided to hoof Himself out of bed, where he was lounging quite happily and blitz the boudoir. It took me most of the day but was very satisfying. Lets hope I can keep up the momentum and continue the good work. I already have another filled bag for the charity shop and some stuff to list on Ebay at some point.

Before I go, talking of the Baftas....... I'm not suposed to say but....... I know what Stephen Fry got in his goodie bag! Only because I got to have a good nosey through it yesterday hehe.

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  1. I can't believe you found a knife buried in your garden! You're lucky you didn't accidentally cut yourself.

    xoxo ~ Courtney