Saturday, 19 February 2011

Some Vintage Freebies from the 30's and 50's to Brighten My Day.

Well it is amazing what a good nights sleep and some surprise gifts can do to cheer a girls heart.
The first one was rescued from a skip at work so I didn't actually get it today but in the week, kind of forgot about it until I was cleaning round today.
Isn't it fab? This came out of one of the janitors cupboards at work. Even the janitors were expected to come to work in a hat, hence this rack for their hats and coats.
The building I currently work in was built in 1939 and all the fixtures and fittings in the main building were top notch, the best quality available at the time. Heartbreakingly over the years much has been dumped. They refurbished the cloakrooms a few years ago and told the workment to throw everything away. Now usually that would mean the green light for a wrecking spree right? but we are talking savvy workmen here.
 It took the 3 days longer than schedule and I'm sure you can guess why! We watched as every ornate sink and it's taps, every piece of sanitary ware, even as many wall tiles as possible were carefully removed and loaded into a van. Carried off to the nearest reclaimation yard I don't wonder.

The other thing was from one of the ladies my Mum helps at Age Concern. She has been clearing out her sewing projects and decided she was probably never going to get around to doing these.

They were a special offer from Woman magazine in the 1950's and she has been 'getting around' to making them ever since! You had the choice of 4 'Glowing colours that harmonize with the scheme of your sitting room'. These are the primrose yellow ones. I plan to buy some silks to make them up, at the moment they are added to my 'to do' sewing pile. lol

Oh and I had to share these two pictures I took at work with my phone. One night a week I invigilate a reading room and I spotted these books on the returns pile.

They are from the 1920's and are all 'true accounts from Daily News readers'. The wonderful and terribly proper style of writting kept me highly entertained all evening!

Finally I just had to take a picture of this chap. He was on the cover of a book about Darwin.


  1. I think I went out with that guy!

  2. I dread to think how much was chucked out in the name of "progression". Well saved!