Friday, 25 February 2011

What a Week That Was Part 2: Shopping! New Sofa! Cake! & more Cake!

So here it is hot of the press the rest of my action packed week.Actually feel free to skim over this post as it's nowhere near as exciting as the first half of the week.

Wednesday = Charity Shopping!

My half day. I met an old work colleague for coffee, well tea in my case, and a catch up. He had to go after an hour so I headed home via the local charity shops and here is my modest haul.

Two non vintage jumpers. The cream one is for work, I loved the button-up neckline. The black lacy one is perfect to wear with dresses where otherwise the bingo wings are on show!


A glasses case for my sister and a few sewing bits for the bargain price of £1.50. Great Result.

Thursday = Illness and Furniture!

So today to compensate for my afternoon off I work late boo. I wasn't feeling so great when I got up. Very sore dry throat. I did wonder if I had been lying on my back and snoring all night, which has been known to happen (oh the shame of it!!) but apparently not, and Himself is horribly honest about these things!
The throat stayed put all day and then the nose started to run. Great, another bloody cold. *Le Sigh*

When I got home at 8pm I was feeling decidedly under par, all weak and pathetic. This was despite having had the most delicious brownie at afternoon teabreak from my dear friend Soo.
 All I wanted to do was eat dinner and go to bed but I had to help move most of our living room furniture for the arrival of the new sofabed on Friday afternoon. This including getting the old one out the front door and having to vacuum the swathes of dust left in it's wake, where the hell does it all come from? I only did under the sofa the other day.
Though they weren't exactly in the delivery mens route my precious elephant planters got moved too just in case!
 Here's mama elephant looking as fraught as I felt.

Baby elephnant in the midst of the chaos that is my dining room table right now. Finally crawled into bed at 11.45pm *weeps*

Friday = Best Friends and more cake.
TGIF. Himself was convinced I would be off work sick today as I had not had the greatest of nights sleep  due to the cold. However I had afternoon tea with my best friends Soo and Jenny planned so I dosed myself up, grabbed a box of tissues and headed off to work. Thankfully I was doing some shelf checking so nothing too strenuous. Still it was lovely to knock off at 3.30pm and enjoy lots of tea, girlie gossip and the most obscenely huge slab of coffee and walnut cake you are ever likely to see! Seriously I haven't had anything to eat since, I'm still full. (Though thankfully no longer queasy, that was from my own sheer greed mind!)
Today was also Payday Pub Friday. 3 more people from my department leave today so no more excuse was needed for one and all to head to the pub. Soo and I saw Jenny on her bus home and strolled to The Turf Tavern. It is one of the oldest, and sadly also the most expensive, pubs in Oxford, with possibly the rudest landlord you will ever have the misfortune to meet.
 It was pouring with rain at this point, so we arrived to find you actually couldn't even see the beer garden due to all the thick white smoke billowing from the coal braziers. Burning coal and rain obviously don't mix!
Typically this was where everyone had chosen to sit, they were under the huge canopy which protected from the rain but sadly also trapped the smoke.We lasted about 20 minutes until my poor throat couldn't stand any more and both left with streaming eyes. Not the end to the night I had had planned.


  1. There are some nasty bugs going round :( Well done you for soldiering on!

  2. The last time I went into the Turf Tavern was in the 1990s (shows how old I am!)Hope you're on the road to recovery though and I love your Carlton Ware collection - lovely colours.

  3. I hope you feel better soon - curl up on your new sofa with a hot whiskey & lemon! I love your elephants, by the way.

  4. I hope you're feeling better today. (Being ill at the weekend is a chiz.) Your elephants have excellent faces.