Thursday 19 December 2019

An End of Year Round Up.

I know I’ve been a bit slack with my blogging this year but I truly did not expect it to be December, life and all that.
Work has been keeping my nose to the grindstone, I believe the last time I mentioned it I was having to apply for my own job. Well thankfully we didn’t have to go down the road of filling out an application form but I did have to have an interview and yes thankfully I got the job! Well I say thankfully, my role has changed dramatically and at the moment I’m mostly hating it. I’ve decided to give it until the Spring and see how things pan out, if nothing else we have literally more new staff than old staff now, including a new Director, a new Departmental Head and for me a new Line Manager so I figure they all need time to bed in. I have had to bite the bullet and accept a work i-phone, the technophobe inside me is weeping (I still don’t really know how to use it and it took me 2 months to even go and pick it up from IT!!)

I have been insanely busy without having a clue what the hell I’m doing most of the time which makes me miserable and very stressed, here’s hoping it settles down. 

This included a last minute 4 day trip to Delhi where other than a quick nip to Khan Market which is right near the hotel (I bought some earrings and a scarf in Anouki and thought of Vix!) I spent the whole time holed up inside working. There were some plus points I did have a lovely view out of my hotel window (when I got to look at it) and there was also a troop of monkeys that I spotted from it one day, who’s antics were a great break from reviewing applications and writing up notes. I’m sure if I was a local I would think them a nuisance but as I’m not I was enchanted. It was also full on wedding season in India so every day there was a huge ceremony at the hotel, these were very noisy but fascinating and the dresses were stunning, so I enjoyed watching when I could. 

I’ve also been to and fro the doctor. In keeping with last year when they invited me to get my boobs squashed the day after my birthday, this year they invited me for a health check on my actual birthday!
 I booked in for later that week and found the whole process quite interesting as it goes. It was awesome to know my cholesterol was actually very low despite my huge dairy habit, and that my BMI was in the right range, though at the top end.
I have been piling on weight lately and just cannot shift it, indeed the getting on the scales bit was rather horrifying. The nurse was lovely and we talked menopause which I assumed was the cause whilst she took an armful of blood, it turned out I hadn’t had full bloods for over 7 years so she decided to take extra and run them.
I got a text 2 days later to say I had flagged for thyroid and could I book an appointment ASAP, which was surprising/alarming and also impressive for speed.
It seems many of the symptoms I’ve been putting down to the menopause might well have been the thyroid, including the sudden rapid weight gain, and the utter exhaustion I’ve been struggling with. So at the moment they are trying to get the right level of thyroxine for me, it means regular blood tests and doctor’s appointments until it’s sorted and then 6 monthly blood tests for possibly the rest of my life. 
On the plus side at least the drugs have kicked in and I am back to my usual everyday level of tiredness and my weight has stabilized, obviously I’d love to lose what I’ve gained but in all honesty I’m just delighted to have stopped putting it on. A colleague at work with an underactive thyroid gained a terrifying three and a half stone before they got her stabilized!?! 

I know I left you hanging in my last post so to answer the questions Himself had a symbol that is a Star Wars reference on his wrist and yes we had a fabulous time on Bournemouth. 
We went a week later than usual this year as we were meant to have been going to a wedding the previous weekend. We were worried the weather might be ropey but instead it was scorching hot, that crazy super hot weekend as it goes (remember that? instead of all this interminable rain) 
We had a big walk planned, catching a bus to Barton on Sea and walking back via the coastal path. 
It was glorious but a little too hot if I’m honest and by the time we caught the Mudeford ferry I could have done but we still had another five and a half miles to go! We stopped for a drink and a pee and then again for an ice cream but by the time we got to Boscombe I was definitely done. I needed food, I needed a rest, I was frankly hangry. So we stopped at The Harvester on the beachfront and had dinner. 
Food and wine later the last 2 miles were a breeze and even better by the stunning huge full moon over the sea which made my Cancerian heart very happy.   
The next day Himself disappeared to the cinema to see an obscure low budget weerwolf film and I met my friend Alison for antiquing and a good catch up. In the evening we went to our favourite restaurant before walking back to the hotel via the beach so I could go and moon gaze again. It was a blissful break.

October brought our anniversary where we celebrated with cocktails at home, pizza at the local pub, then back home for The Rocky Horror Show by candle light. 

I also met my Friend Alex for a catch up and a wander round Blenheim Palace somewhere I ashamed to say haven’t been for more years than I care to remember. The weather was meant to be bad that day but when we arrived it was still dry so we had a good yomp around the grounds, until the rain set in. 

We decamped inside where they were setting up for a wedding in part of the house. I did feel for the poor florist and caterers who were having to work around hoards of dripping wet and gawping tourists! 
We got thoroughly soaked walking through the grounds into Woodstock to have afternoon tea before catching the bus back to Oxford. This was not without drama because some muppet had parked their car blocking a slip road and our driver ended up having to call the police to clear it as the bus couldn’t get through! The bus then decided not to start again once the road had been cleared so we had to wait and get on another one, all in the relentless pouring rain. 

November was India, a long overdue session in the pub with old colleagues and friends from my library days, my Dad’s birthday and my parent’s 55th anniversary. We collected Dad from his care home and wheeled him swathed in plastic and under a huge umbrella to a local Greek restaurant where the whole family converged and ate much tapas.

This is my parents celebrating their engagement. My Mum made the dress, she says she literally snipped the last thread moments before she actually had to put it on and go out! She says it was dark red brocade.

Which brings us to December. It’s been a whirl of work, of meeting friends and family and eating much food. I also had a day off to go to London with my friend Charlotte to see the Pre-Raphaelite Sisters exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery which we both loved. 
Today I am also off work because it’s Star Wars. Himself has already done the midnight screening so this will be his second pass.

He’s home for Christmas this year so we will have the morning to ourselves before meeting my Mum at Dad’s care home before going home with her for a couple of days. Bliss.
My Mum has a new cat. I won’t go into the full details because they make me absolutely furiously angry, but let’s just say he has been badly neglected by persons known to the family, who should know better and want prosecuting in my opinion. He is a pedigree British Blue, less than 18 months old, so still a baby. Tomorrow he has to go and have one of his back legs amputated because it is beyond saving.
My Mum has lost her heart and a sizable chunk of her bank balance to Bobby the cat.
Apparently he is gorgeous and cuddly and doesn’t bite or scratch despite his pain and everyone at the vet’s surgery are in love with him too. I have yet to meet him, that will be a Christmas treat. I do miss having a cat so I’m fearful I will want one even more after our visit!  
I shall sign off here as I need to get ready to Star Wars. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas whatever you are doing and here’s to 2020.

Sunday 8 September 2019

August - Rain, Sun, More Rain and Bags.

So August... initially August continued at the same mad pace to July but thankfully for my pocket, my waistline and my sanity after the fist week or so it settles down to a more sedate pace.

The first week I was out for dinner again but this time only a one course pre-theatre eat rather than a full evening of carousing.
Soo and I went to see the outdoor production of Wuthering Heights in Wadhan College gardens. Now bearing in mind this was the wettest August on record this might not have been our wisest move, but I have to say I was very glad we braved it because it was fantastic.
Soo had suggested going as she had read a rave review in the local paper and thoroughly deserved it was too.
A small cast of seven played all the parts, changing swiftly in a makeshift backstage area that was just a tiny gazebo with a curtain on a pole. They used step ladders to suggest the height of the peaks (and Emily at the window) played all the incidental music and made the sound effects too.

Written down like that it sounds crazy and like it shouldn't work, but it really did. Thankfully the rain held off until about 3/4 of the way through and was only torrential for about 15 minutes before easing. The cast carried gamely on, but the audience frantically scrambling into raincoats and popping open umbrellas did rather kill the atmosphere for that moment!

On the Saturday I had an impromptu visit to Salisbury. It turned out Himself had an appointment with a tattoo artist friend there and only mentioned it in passing midweek, because he thought I had been there before.
As it happens I haven't, the sum total of my paltry knowledge of Salisbury being it has a cathedral and that recent novichok attack! So I did a quick google search.
I decided it looked well worth a visit so I duly invited myself along. It was a quick journey time-wise but a bit of a faff as we had to change trains 3 times.

First things first, we figured out where it was Himself had to go for his appointment. Once that was done we had a bit of a mooch around the city centre and cathedral square until it was time.
Me being me and living with someone who does not do vintage and chazzas, I also noted where the charity shops, a vintage shop and an antique/flea market were for my own perusal later.

I just had to share this house in the cathedral square, it cracked me up and I think I would be tempted to do something similar if I lived in a place where you have a constant hoard of tourists passing by!
Once Himself was ensconced and being stabbed with needles I headed back to the vintage shop which was towards the station. According to some online information it was apparently meant to be amazing.

I didn't buy anything. The stock was ok, though very thin on handbags for my own liking and if I'm honest, I personally I thought it was a bit pricey.
Mainly the woman behind the counter had *such* a face on her it didn't induce you to linger let alone to interact with her by purchasing something, but lets hope maybe she was just having a bad day?

From there I went to the antique/flea place I had also spotted coming from the station. It was a sort of smallish warehouse over two floors with various different sellers stands.
There seemed to only be the one girl on the desk downstairs in terms of staff and she was engrossed on her phone. Indeed when someone came down to ask to see something in a cabinet upstairs she sighed so loudly and gave the grumbling under her breath impression that the request was unreasonable in the extreme and she was being so greatly inconvenienced I'd have been tempted to take her to the furthest cabinets upstaits and then change my mind several times!!

I'd be amazed if they didn't lose stock hand over fist as you could have pocketed anything and just walked out unobserved and unchallenged.
I certainly saw a couple of people who wanted to buy just give up and leave so if nothing else, sales were definitely being lost.

So far not so good... anyway I then tried a house clearance place also on the way from the station that was a delicious chaotic mess and where I almost bought a vintage parasol but talked myself firmly out of it because what the heck would I do with it and where would I store it??
In the end all I bought was this glass vase in the shape of an owl.
I have admired similar ones on the Magpie website but couldn't justify the cost. This one was £4 and after a thorough clean came up beautifully.

From there I headed back into the city centre and to the street with all the charity shops.
I did a systematic, quick but thorough search of all but one which for some reason was closed as I knew I had only a certain amount of time to fit everything in. All I bought was this sweet little vintage bag otherwise it seemed to be your usual mix of high street brands. When I went to pay the lady on the till exclaimed over the bag so much, turning it this way and that and opening and shutting it I literally had to wrestle it out of her hands to leave!
I then ended up carrying it over my arm the rest of the day because it didn't fit in the bag I had with me and I'd forgotten to bring a cloth shopping bag with me, I must have looked quite odd but did I care? Nope.

Sod's law meant that the one shop that was shut was the one that is meant to be the best for vintage finds according to those in the know.  Indeed it had a delicious looking handbag tantalizingly displayed in the window - Bah.

From there I cut through and back to the cathedral my plan being to go in and look round then find somewhere to have a cup of tea. Once I got to the entrance the queue to go in was ridiculous, so a little disappointed I had a wander around the outside and the cloisters instead, nipped to the toilet because when you see them you have to use them right? and checked out the shop. It turns out you go through the shop to the cafe which had the most delicious looking scones so I looked no further and bought one with a pot of tea. It was fabulous!

Fortified I went back to the entrance but there was still a huge queue so I went back outside and walked out towards the meadows and the river where it was lush and green and peaceful.
I would definitely like to go back and walk a bit further out, but as ever I had an eye in the clock so after about 20 minutes of walking I turned back. 

As it happens I had literally just got back to the main shopping centre when Himself called to say he was done and to meet him outside burger king.
From there we went straight to a pub recommended by his tattooist so Himself could have a much needed pint or two.
It was tiny but we managed to find a wee table in the corner and due to his clingfilm wrapped and bloody new tattoo ended up chatting with a primary school teacher from Yorkshire. He was down for the holidays to go digging for dinosaurs and was also a Napoleonic battle reenactor! You really do meet all sorts.

We pondered over staying and finding somewhere to go for dinner but the weather seemed to be turning so in the end we headed home instead to watch the first Indiana Jones film, it being the anniversary of it's release.
I thoroughly enjoyed my day in Salisbury and would definitely go back.

We were super lucky with the weather because every day before and after it poured with rain. The next week I had a couple of days off, one of which was meant to be for afternoon tea with Soo and our friend Simon.
The last time we got together for afternoon tea was a shocking 4 years ago. It also ended in far, far too much prosecco being drunk so we planned to be more restrained this time round. The venue, as the last time was Soo's house. Unlike last time, where we sat out in the sunshine drinking like fish, this time it was a day of torrential rain so we stayed indoors.
We had a fabulous afternoon, stuffing our faces and prosecco drinking in a slightly more moderate fashion until it was time for Simon and I to leave and scoop up a rather worse for wear Himself at Oxford train station (he'd been out for a leaving do) and escort him home.

August ended with my annual trip to the Stonor Park craft fair with my Mother and another week off work, I'm definitely on a roll with this week off lark.
Of course the bank holiday was the weekend of sudden scorching hot weather so I couldn't have picked a better week if I tried.
In between flopping about inside because I don't do heat I did a serious amount of gardening, either early or late when it was cooler, and read a great deal.

I shall end with my July and August purchases. I forgot to say Soo and I checked out a new charity shop in her village prior to our epic day at Yarnton nurseries in July. It was an absolute little gem and we both bought some fab items.
Among mine I got this dress that was new with tags and fits perfectly
and this cute velvet bag.

Talking of bags I have bought just one or two for the collection!

Two more Corde and this huge 50's knitted beach bag.
Talking of beach bags I couldn't resist this straw bag with it's colourful tassels.

I also seem to have ended up with several crab themed ones, either birthday gifts or bought by me with birthday money.
To clarify I am a Cancerian and I absolutely love the seaside so therefore crab items are not unusual in my house, but I don't usually end up with so many new things all at the same time and I've certainly never had a crab bag before.
I'm guessing crabs were 'in' this summer, but maybe not so popular because certainly the ones I bought with my birthday money were all in the sale!

Well that's August. Only 3 days of the chaos that is work and I'm off for our annual trip to Bournemouth I cannot wait!
More anon.

Saturday 17 August 2019

July She Will Fly.

My fun filled July started with the annual Eynsham (the the village where Soo lives) Carnival. She invited a group of us to come over for the carvinal and followed it with a barbeque at her house. 
The highlight of the day is something called The Shirt Race which has been going for over 30 years and involves teams of two in fancy dress taking turns to push each other in a non motorized vehicle round the village stopping at each pub where they have to neck a beer and then swap places.  

It’s always highly entertaining as some take it deadly serious whilst for others it’s more about waving at their mates and drinking free beer. 
As you can see the top choice for mode of transport this year was the wheelchair!
We found a prime position to cheer the 57 entries on and watch the procession of floats that come after the race.
Everyone then heads to the sports fields where there are displays, a funfair, food stands, a beer tent and craft stalls. Once we had had our fill we headed to the pub for a couple of beers before heading back to Soo’s house to fill our faces and drink lots.
In true British fashion we ignored a few rain showers, stoically sitting out round the fire basket until it started to absolutely pour down. At which point we also realised it was actually very late and we were on the drunken side of sober so it would be a good idea to go to bed.
The next weekend I was back over at Soo’s and we headed out for a day of shopping at Yarnton Nurseries. Neither of us had been there for years so it was quite a surprise to see how much it had expanded. 
The last time I went it was a smallish garden centre with a cafe and a gift shop that randomly had a few cabinets of antiques at the back. 
Now it is a large garden centre with a restaurant, various franchises (The Works, Peacocks, Bon Marche etc), a big ‘outdoor living’ area out front, shoes, bedding, a bathroom specialist, a pet store and a huge separate antiques centre round the back!

Well as you know from this blog, we are not women who crumble in the face of a shopping challenge, we accepted the gauntlet that Yarnton Nurseries threw down for us and set too with a will. We did the outdoor living, most of the clothes, one shoe franchises, the bedding and The Works before pausing for a delicious lunch in the restaurant.
Refueled we did the gift shop, the second shoe franchise, the rest of the clothes and had a blissful browse round the plants. At this point my inner tea-o-meter declared it was time for a drink so headed back to the restaurant where we shared a pot of tea. After which we had a quick scope of the bathroom bit and finally the antique centre. 
Sadly this was where we had an epic fail, we hadn’t checked the opening hours. We were literally just beginning a good nose about thinking we had at least a hour when they suddenly announced over the tannoy they were shutting in 10 minutes. I tried to do a quick fly by of the rest of the place but it was impossible, it was just too big.

So we will definitely be heading back but I think we will be doing the antique centre first that time.
I must confess at the time of going I hadn’t read any blogs for ages and I didn’t know about the slow fashion pledge. Sadly I bought 2 pairs of work trousers and a t-shirt for me as well as a top for my Dad and 3 tops for my Mum for her birthday. So another epic fail in that respect
I also bought this fabulous nautical bedding set at a vastly reduced price and some books in The Works.
I had the next week off work. It was my birthday on the Wednesday and as I have made it a policy never to work on my birthday ever since I turned 40, this year I went even further and took the whole week off. 
I spent a couple of days pottering and doing odd jobs around the house. 

Is there anything more delightful to a bookworm than waking up, making a mug of tea and taking it back to bed for an hour or two of reading? Well I did that every single morning. Bliss.

My Mum came over on my birthday and we went into town to look round the shops and have lunch. Mum had a major sort out and cull of her wardrobe last year and was on the hunt for a couple of sundresses (as she now has none) and a top that would match a lovely skirt she has prior to going on holiday in September. 
We found her a couple of bits and after lunch we called in at M&S for a cake, then the Co-op for a chilled bottle of prosecco from their fridge which we took up to my Dad’s care home to share with him.
Himself and I were going to go out for dinner but then he arrived home with all the accoutrements to make spiced rum cocktails. By the time we had perfected the recipe we couldn’t be arsed to head into Oxford or Reading so we just nipped down to Prezzo in town. 
On arrival we were told it would be an hour before we could even be seated as they were short staffed in the kitchen so we turned around and went to the pub up the road for pizza and wine instead!

I was surprisingly bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day and made up for my indulgences the day before with a strenuous Pilates class. 
On the Friday I had arranged to go out for the day with my friend Charlotte. I caught the train over to Charlbury  where she was waiting with her car and we then drove to Stow for a quick wander around in the rain before lunch at Hufkins. 
I ordered the welsh rarebit and will admit I was expecting posh cheese on toast and not the dish of molten cheese with some bread submerged in it that arrived! 
That said as a proper cheese monster I was delighted and attacked it with gusto. How have I never had this before?? I will confess it did defeat me and I had to stop with a bad case of the cheese sweats. It was absolutely delicious though, I do love Hufkins.
Repleat we headed to Chastleton House a fascinating National Trust property in The Cotswolds. 
It was built in 1607 and was owned by the same family until 1991. As the centuries passed they became more and more impoverished meaning the house remained pretty much unchanged but also fell into bad disrepair. 
The National Trust stepped in in 1991 but decided to just halt the ravages of time and conserve it as is rather than restore the house so it is a hugely atmospheric place.

It feels like the family have just stepped out for a moment yet it also feels incredibly sad somehow, the peeling wallpaper and huge cracks here and there just seem to add to the melancholy.
From Chastleton we headed back to Charlbury and onto the train into Oxford for drinks with friends from work.
The next week Himself and I caught the film Yesterday which was fun, 
I also had another 2 days off work!(can you tell I am frantically using up leave??) Thursday was my Mum’s birthday and also the hottest day of the year. We gamely collected my Dad from his care home and wheeled him out for pizza to celebrate. The food was delicious but we were literally melting as there was no air con and no through breeze, I spent the whole evening fanning my poor Dad with the drinks menu! 
I got to catch up with Nephew Number One and hear all his news which was lovely, we also had an in depth conversation about spiced rum, as we are both big fans.
The next day I took Mum out for her birthday. She chose so we ended up at yet another garden centre, this time in Haddenham. We had a good catch up over lunch and a lovely browse. 
Mum is going to have the patio re-done and then wants to redesign her garden a bit, so we were discussing ideas and sussing out plants as I have promised to help with the grunt work when the time comes.
The last week of July was just mental. One of those times where I suddenly realised I had arranged 3 lunches and 2 dinners in the same week as we also had a team building day at work! 

The team building was actually good fun, we spent the afternoon at Junkyard Golf in Oxford, one of those places that’s basically a nightclub with crazy golf thrown in.

It was great fun but I must admit come Saturday I was very happy to sit quietly at home and just eat tomato soup and crackers.

There have been more bag purchases but I'll maybe do a July/August round up.  


Thursday 25 July 2019

A Cornish Adventure.

We travelled by train (as we don't have a car) and I have to say it was dead easy. Four and a half hours direct from Reading to St Erth, then a further fifteen minutes or so on a little branch line with absolutely breath taking views into St Ives, what's not to like?

I was in a somewhat fraught state when we set off, work was totally manic and I'd been frantically trying to get as much done as I could before I left, on top of which the shower had suddenly decided to start leaking through the kitchen ceiling *AGAIN*!?! Our landlord got it done on the cheap and boy do we know about it! This meant I got up even earlier than planned to reseal half the shower base before my usual pre-holiday activities/rituals.

Once we were off though I have to say letting the train take the strain has it's compensations. The countryside we travelled through was stunning so I alternated between reading and just gazing out of the window. I could literally feel myself unwinding.

We had checked Google maps and found that our B&B was only 15 minutes walk from the train station. What we had failed to note was the gradient. It became obvious it was called Atlantic Heights for a reason...
The final hill actually had a gradient warning sign, I swear at one point I was just walking on the spot due to the angle of the hill and the weight of my suitcase cancelling each other out!

We arrived to find the front door open, we rang the bell several times, knocked and called but all to no avail. I then rooted around in my bag to find the booking paperwork and Himself called the number. The lady who answered said she was in the garden and would be there in a moment so to make ourselves comfortable in the lounge (it turns out the garden was across the street and then down behind the garage rather than at the back of the house) When she arrived it turns out she may or may not have been the owner, to be honest we never did quite figure it out, as there was another couple who didn't live there but seemed to come in to run the place. Indeed they had expected us to call in at their house first only I had missed that message.. anyway the lady Mary was lovely and initially offered us tea but then said no, no  let's have a Pimms so next thing you know we were sat with a huge glass of Pimms whilst she explained the breakfast/house rules.
We finally got shown our room which was very cosy and I bloody loved the fact there was a little fridge "so you can cool your beers or wine or whatever" No need to sneak alcohol in and empties out like elsewhere. We unpacked, freshened up and followed Mary's advice on the quickest way into St Ives itself.
The view from outside our guest house, can you tell we are up a hill?

The weather was mental frankly. I genuinely have never experienced glorious hot sunshine combined with a gale force winds before, it literally knocked you off your feet. Apparently the day before the weather had been horrific and the winds were due to that storm. We mooched about a bit and got our bearings.
I can understand why a lot of guides recommend coming without a car, the roads are very narrow and steep with sharp bends and the traffic nose to tail in places, I dread to think what it is like in the height of the season.
I could not get over the colour of the sea, this stunning turquoise blue, it was gorgeous. We tried to sit outside a pub with a beer but you were basically being sandblasted which was actually painful at times and had to cover your pint with your hand otherwise it was full of sand, so we bought some chips, then a bottle of wine and headed back to our room with it.

The next day we had decided to explore St Ives in the morning as it was a week day and hopefully less busy. The day alternated between sun and cloud but was lovely and warm though still super windy.
I ended up giving up completely on my hair during this holiday. I usually dry it straight but the combination of wind and salt air brought my natural curls out in force the moment I stepped outside so in the end I just embraced the demented surfer look!
We started out climbing up to the church on St Ives Island which had beautiful views

(look at the colour of the water!) before following winding streets down to the centre of the town and the shops.
I came to conclusion that someone needs to open a shop selling reasonably priced tourist crap and they would clean up (and probably be run out of town by the local traders with burning pitchforks) everything was triple the price of other seaside towns, for the same touristy tat.

Having said that there were some lovely independent shops, and I treated myself to some gorgeous organic hand lotion as well as a couple of brooches
and this driftwood boat. 
Which Himself hates and I love.

There were a couple of charity shops but they weren't great and all I bought was another brooch
A teeny tiny Scottie dog.

We were also recommended a local off licence John's as a great place to buy unusual gin, but as I don't drink gin I chose a bottle of Dead Man's Fingers, a spiced rum made in St Ives which is delicious.
I also managed to find a birthday present for my Mum as well as some fudge for my Dad and to take into work.
I couldn't resist checking out Seasalt as they had a sale on but restrained myself to a breton top in shades of blue.

We went back to the b&b to drop the shopping off  before heading out on the coastal path towards Zennor. We couldn't go too far as we had a table booked for 5.30 for dinner. Mary had warned us to book as the world and his dog eats out in St Ives and she wasn't wrong. By the time we got to the restaurant of our choice the only table left was at 5.30pm!
I wanted to mooch through the graveyard first as I loved it's position on a madly sloping hill to the sea. It certainly made for some atmospheric photos.
The coastal path to Zennor is described as the most challenging part of this bit of the South Coastal Path
so once it started to get treacherous we did turn back, we had neither the time nor the right equipment.
There were more stunning views though so we sat in a sheltered spot and drank it all in a bit.
As you can see I wore my new top straight away!

Back at the B&B we got changed and headed out for dinner. It seemed a bit weird eating at 5.30 but other than a bit of cake we hadn't eaten since breakfast so had no problem stuffing our faces on delicious pasta. yes, yes it should have been seafood but Himself won't touch the stuff *sigh*.

There was another restaurant we wanted to try so once dinner was over, lesson learned, we walked straight there to book for the next night. We had a mooch round the harbour to let our dinner go down, then carried on to Porthminster one of St Ives 4 beaches. There is a raised restaurant on the beach there with a balcony with sea views so we went in and asked if we could just buy a drink and sit out with it rather than eat. They found us a little table outside, so we sat drinking wine and watching the sea and I suspect completely pissing of the poor people inside whose view we had just blocked!

The next morning I may just possibly have woken up feeling a tad delicate. We had planned to walk some more of the coastal path, this time to Lelant and I didn't want to postpone. I wasn't sure breakfast had helped so we decided to get into our walking gear, head into town and see how I felt
To our surprise found a sea fog had come in overnight and everything was swathed. By the time we walked round to the harbour I was feeling more the thing, so we bought some water and set off. The first part of our walk was surprisingly busy considering the weather. We soon found ourselves following a single file track winding up onto the cliff top, with less people and thankfully the weather started to clear.

From there we then headed down and through sand dunes before climbing back up again and finally, and rather alarmingly, right through the middle of a busy golf course at Lelant to the church of St Uny, where randomly the graveyard is up high above the path. I was blown away by all the different flora, so many species I didn't recognise. I will need to by a book.
We were going to catch the train back but got lost finding the station. I decided to ask for directions but by this time Himself had spotted a pub, so we retired there for a refresh and in my case a desperate pee! I also wisely stuck to diet coke. In the end we caught the bus back to St Ives, ate chips, bought some pop, then climbed the hill back to our B&B, got changed and took our books out to read on the cliff above Porthmeor beach.

After dinner that night we walked all over St Ives trying to find a pub that wasn't either too packed or too meh. In the end gave up, went to the Co-op and bought a chilled bottle of wine which we took out into the garden at our B&B. There it was lovely and quiet with gorgeous sea views, seriously what more could you want?