Thursday 19 December 2019

An End of Year Round Up.

I know I’ve been a bit slack with my blogging this year but I truly did not expect it to be December, life and all that.
Work has been keeping my nose to the grindstone, I believe the last time I mentioned it I was having to apply for my own job. Well thankfully we didn’t have to go down the road of filling out an application form but I did have to have an interview and yes thankfully I got the job! Well I say thankfully, my role has changed dramatically and at the moment I’m mostly hating it. I’ve decided to give it until the Spring and see how things pan out, if nothing else we have literally more new staff than old staff now, including a new Director, a new Departmental Head and for me a new Line Manager so I figure they all need time to bed in. I have had to bite the bullet and accept a work i-phone, the technophobe inside me is weeping (I still don’t really know how to use it and it took me 2 months to even go and pick it up from IT!!)

I have been insanely busy without having a clue what the hell I’m doing most of the time which makes me miserable and very stressed, here’s hoping it settles down. 

This included a last minute 4 day trip to Delhi where other than a quick nip to Khan Market which is right near the hotel (I bought some earrings and a scarf in Anouki and thought of Vix!) I spent the whole time holed up inside working. There were some plus points I did have a lovely view out of my hotel window (when I got to look at it) and there was also a troop of monkeys that I spotted from it one day, who’s antics were a great break from reviewing applications and writing up notes. I’m sure if I was a local I would think them a nuisance but as I’m not I was enchanted. It was also full on wedding season in India so every day there was a huge ceremony at the hotel, these were very noisy but fascinating and the dresses were stunning, so I enjoyed watching when I could. 

I’ve also been to and fro the doctor. In keeping with last year when they invited me to get my boobs squashed the day after my birthday, this year they invited me for a health check on my actual birthday!
 I booked in for later that week and found the whole process quite interesting as it goes. It was awesome to know my cholesterol was actually very low despite my huge dairy habit, and that my BMI was in the right range, though at the top end.
I have been piling on weight lately and just cannot shift it, indeed the getting on the scales bit was rather horrifying. The nurse was lovely and we talked menopause which I assumed was the cause whilst she took an armful of blood, it turned out I hadn’t had full bloods for over 7 years so she decided to take extra and run them.
I got a text 2 days later to say I had flagged for thyroid and could I book an appointment ASAP, which was surprising/alarming and also impressive for speed.
It seems many of the symptoms I’ve been putting down to the menopause might well have been the thyroid, including the sudden rapid weight gain, and the utter exhaustion I’ve been struggling with. So at the moment they are trying to get the right level of thyroxine for me, it means regular blood tests and doctor’s appointments until it’s sorted and then 6 monthly blood tests for possibly the rest of my life. 
On the plus side at least the drugs have kicked in and I am back to my usual everyday level of tiredness and my weight has stabilized, obviously I’d love to lose what I’ve gained but in all honesty I’m just delighted to have stopped putting it on. A colleague at work with an underactive thyroid gained a terrifying three and a half stone before they got her stabilized!?! 

I know I left you hanging in my last post so to answer the questions Himself had a symbol that is a Star Wars reference on his wrist and yes we had a fabulous time on Bournemouth. 
We went a week later than usual this year as we were meant to have been going to a wedding the previous weekend. We were worried the weather might be ropey but instead it was scorching hot, that crazy super hot weekend as it goes (remember that? instead of all this interminable rain) 
We had a big walk planned, catching a bus to Barton on Sea and walking back via the coastal path. 
It was glorious but a little too hot if I’m honest and by the time we caught the Mudeford ferry I could have done but we still had another five and a half miles to go! We stopped for a drink and a pee and then again for an ice cream but by the time we got to Boscombe I was definitely done. I needed food, I needed a rest, I was frankly hangry. So we stopped at The Harvester on the beachfront and had dinner. 
Food and wine later the last 2 miles were a breeze and even better by the stunning huge full moon over the sea which made my Cancerian heart very happy.   
The next day Himself disappeared to the cinema to see an obscure low budget weerwolf film and I met my friend Alison for antiquing and a good catch up. In the evening we went to our favourite restaurant before walking back to the hotel via the beach so I could go and moon gaze again. It was a blissful break.

October brought our anniversary where we celebrated with cocktails at home, pizza at the local pub, then back home for The Rocky Horror Show by candle light. 

I also met my Friend Alex for a catch up and a wander round Blenheim Palace somewhere I ashamed to say haven’t been for more years than I care to remember. The weather was meant to be bad that day but when we arrived it was still dry so we had a good yomp around the grounds, until the rain set in. 

We decamped inside where they were setting up for a wedding in part of the house. I did feel for the poor florist and caterers who were having to work around hoards of dripping wet and gawping tourists! 
We got thoroughly soaked walking through the grounds into Woodstock to have afternoon tea before catching the bus back to Oxford. This was not without drama because some muppet had parked their car blocking a slip road and our driver ended up having to call the police to clear it as the bus couldn’t get through! The bus then decided not to start again once the road had been cleared so we had to wait and get on another one, all in the relentless pouring rain. 

November was India, a long overdue session in the pub with old colleagues and friends from my library days, my Dad’s birthday and my parent’s 55th anniversary. We collected Dad from his care home and wheeled him swathed in plastic and under a huge umbrella to a local Greek restaurant where the whole family converged and ate much tapas.

This is my parents celebrating their engagement. My Mum made the dress, she says she literally snipped the last thread moments before she actually had to put it on and go out! She says it was dark red brocade.

Which brings us to December. It’s been a whirl of work, of meeting friends and family and eating much food. I also had a day off to go to London with my friend Charlotte to see the Pre-Raphaelite Sisters exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery which we both loved. 
Today I am also off work because it’s Star Wars. Himself has already done the midnight screening so this will be his second pass.

He’s home for Christmas this year so we will have the morning to ourselves before meeting my Mum at Dad’s care home before going home with her for a couple of days. Bliss.
My Mum has a new cat. I won’t go into the full details because they make me absolutely furiously angry, but let’s just say he has been badly neglected by persons known to the family, who should know better and want prosecuting in my opinion. He is a pedigree British Blue, less than 18 months old, so still a baby. Tomorrow he has to go and have one of his back legs amputated because it is beyond saving.
My Mum has lost her heart and a sizable chunk of her bank balance to Bobby the cat.
Apparently he is gorgeous and cuddly and doesn’t bite or scratch despite his pain and everyone at the vet’s surgery are in love with him too. I have yet to meet him, that will be a Christmas treat. I do miss having a cat so I’m fearful I will want one even more after our visit!  
I shall sign off here as I need to get ready to Star Wars. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas whatever you are doing and here’s to 2020.