Thursday, 30 September 2010

A week off work.

So this week I have been signed off work by the doctor with a bad foot. She thinks that I have damaged the tendons but it could be a stress fracture so I am on painkillers and complete rest until it can be x-rayed.

I have had a blissful time catching up on reading

and watching old movies.

As well as stitching away on projects for Etsy shop. I could get used to this life!


  1. Hey Mag! Would you like to write a review of Bright Young People for my group on Vintage Network? I am not too sure if you are a member of it? Here is the link...

    If you could like to join the group you can find it under Groups - Retro Reading. If not - not to worry - just looks like an interesting read :)

  2. Yes, I am on the site, user name 'Gisela'. I will have a look at your group today when I get a moment (online at work right now = naughty! )