Thursday, 30 October 2014

Rock, Shops and a Lovely Cup of Tea.

Well my action packed October continues apace.

So far I have been to Paris for work, been to London for work and been to Walsall for pleasure.

I have been out for dinner four times, been to the cinema twice and to the theatre once. I have shopped much, eaten much and walked far.

Quite frankly I am skint, fat and knackered!  

Last weekend was no different. I crammed in a visit to good old Witney with Soo, to oooh and ahh over Melissa and her other half Dan's gorgeous new house and to visit the shops (of course!)

We three shopped up a storm, stopping only for a bite of lunch. We did all the chazza's where I found this magnificent teapot in one for the princely sum of £2.

It was filthy but I loved the shape. A bit of elbow grease later, it's gleaming and I'm thrilled with my purchase. Sadly no genie with wishes for me so it's back to work.
I also found a couple of Christmas presents, yes, yes I've said the 'C' word but it's always a relief to get the first present out the way. Oh and my Dad's birthday present too which is even more of a relief to find.

Soo and I went to see the stage version of Rock of Ages, but please don't hold that against us.
It is a lot cruder and much darker than the film version. As far as musicals go it is truly appalling but we laughed our heads off and had a great night out.

I also took a day off work last week to catch up on some much needed sleep and to try and get my chaotic home under control again.
I blitzed the place, I have 4 bags ready for a charity shop of my choice in town and have listed a shedload of stuff on the Bay of E.

I feel relieved, like I am gaining that control again, there is more to do but much progress has been made.

October ends tomorrow and goes out with a bang. It's not just Halloween, it's our Anniversary.

We are off to London.

First up the Sherlock Holmes Exhibition at the Museum of London followed by The 39 Steps at the Criteron Theatre.

I am very, very excited but as Himself quite rightly pointed out how middle aged does it sound? Spending our anniversary at a museum followed by a theatre show? 



  1. Who cares? One of the joys of getting older is not giving a toss what anyone else thinks, and spending your free time how you want, without any pressure about what's cool or trendy!
    You certainly have had a busy month; good to hear that you are feeling things are under control and getting sorted.
    I have a very similar shaped silver plated tea pot - sadly, no genie appeared when I cleaned mine either...
    Happy anniversary, enjoy your trip to the big smoke! xxx

  2. Happy Anniversary! Have a fantastic time in London. The 39 Steps is one of my favourite films/books and I'm rather envious.
    Well done on the decluttering, that's a brilliant step forward (and a perfect excuse for more shopping!) xxx

  3. Happy anniversary! A museum followed by a theatre show sounds like an excellent way to spend the day.

  4. I think your anniversary outings sound great. You'll have a fabulous time. The 39 steps is a great story. Well done on the decluttering front. I'm the same as you, when the mess gets out of control I can't think straight. Well done for finding the energy to tackle it. Blimey, sounds like you'll need to hibernate in November!! Xxx

  5. Have a great time in London -- check out the fabulous hinged dress while you're in the museum! (I love the Museum of London)

  6. Happy Anniversary, A fab way to celebrate...perfect. I too have bought pressies...god knows why! The Christmas lights are up in town so I might have felt faintly festive,
    Have a wonderful time.

  7. Happy Anniversary and who cares what anyone else might think...personally I think it sounds splendid. Lovely teapot, look at those legs. x

  8. Happy Anniversary!! Do whatever you damn well please!

  9. Happy anniversary and your plans for London sound great to me!

  10. Happy Anniversary! it all sounds lovely! your October sounds like it has been utterly wonderful and very busy, you should have November to recuperate! x x x

  11. My you have been busy! That teapot is rather fabulous, the shape as you say is lovely. Happy belated anniversary x