Sunday, 15 February 2015

It's as simple as ABC.

It's been another busy and rather stressful week, I wish it hadn't been, but on the plus side at least it means it passes quickly and I'm so tired I sleep like the dead the moment my head hits the pillow.

I've had a couple of dress dramas. For the first time in my life I actually got trapped in a frock!

Back zip fastening number that I've had for a few years and the damn zip just locked tight and refused to move. I twisted and contorted to no avail so I went downstairs and asked Himself for help. He wrenched it this way and that but it still refused to budge so in exasperation I told him to just bust it open.
Bless he was more reluctant to ruin the dress than I was.

Having said that I'm not heartbroken, it was a cheap and cheerful Peacocks frock and I've had good wear out of it, it's just a shame it had to end so dramatically.

The other well, what can I say?

I believe it was only in January I declared that I was going to stop buying random disaster frocks on Ebay?

Well behold my first disaster Ebay frock of 2015.
                                                   Looks innocent enough doesn't it?

I will be the first to admit the 99p starting price lured me in. It was listed as 'vintage' and in 'excellent condition', sadly when it arrived it became clear it was neither.

Just some of  it's holes are shown below.
Frankly it looked like someone had lost a fight with a barbed wire fence and yet the seller said they 'hadn't noticed' any damage!?!

Maybe I should suggest Specsavers.....

Whilst I'm on the subject of clothing disasters. I had shoe dramas too. Well why should it just be dresses?

First up I ordered a cheeky pair of boots from the Office website. They were reduced to £16 so I couldn't resist.
They arrived super fast which was a plus, well I say they, when I opened the box this is what greeted me
Yup there was only one boot in the box *sigh*

I have to say Office were super helpful at sorting it out and I do now have a matching pair.
Though I was somewhat taken aback when my Mother said "I like your boots" she has only ever shown dislike for spikes, studs and the like before now.

My second shoe based disaster of the week was completely self inflicted.

Yup I make the absolute rookie error of wearing a brand new pair of shoes to work on the day I was going to on the hoof non stop.
 The gorgeous new brogues I bought in January turned out to be brutal and ripped my right foot to shreds. I was hobbling and bleeding before I even reached the office!
Many plasters later, I changed into the emergency boots that live in my desk drawer and soldiered on through the day.
I will be putting the shoe stretchers in the brogues for a good long time before I wear them again that is for sure.

Now on to the title of my post. I was on the train to meet Soo for a bit of R&R in the form of chazza shopping, cake and chat.
I had my Ipod on shuffle and 'ABC - The Look of Love' came on. I must confess up until that point I didn't even realise I had that track on my Ipod but it was clearly an omen.

For the first item I purchased was a gold jacket Martin Fry would have been proud of! 
For those too young to know this is Martin Fry he is the lead singer of ABC and was famous in the 80s for his gold suit.
Here's mine
Not bad eh? Reduced to £3 too so even better. Let's hope it fits!

I also bought a pretty 1970's embroidered bag. I don't have this sort of bag in my collection so it was a happy find.
It had been reduced from £10 to £5 
but then it turned out everything in the shop was half price so I got it for £2.50 = result.

When I was cleaning it today I found this ticket inside
I'd love to know what it is.

On the subject of finding things in bags. I also cleaned the black bag with the lovely loud SNAP fastening and found this unusual black scarf inside one of the pockets. Sweet.
My final charity shop purchases were two brooches and a plate with hedgehogs on it that was in the everything half price shop so was a bargainous 65p.
I ate my toast off it this morning.

The brooches were £1.75 and £1.65 respectively. The seahorse looked just a bit familiar and sure enough
it seems I now have 2!
I bought mine with some birthday money last year from Pia ( I LOVE Pia)

I shall wear them together as a mini shoal.



  1. I got stuck in a pair of palazzo pants and ending up having to cut my way out because the zip was stuck fast, so I understand and sympathise! But the one boot delivery... that is harder to get your head round, what were they thinking! As for the so-called excellent vintage frock from Ebay -oh dear, some sellers are just a disgrace.
    The Martin Fry jacket is cool, but have you really not tried it on? Is it going to languish with those frocks you haven't tried yet? I do hope not!
    I love finding old tickets and receipts in bags and pockets. I even found some green Shield stamps once, took me right back. Lovely bag too! xxx

  2. The only time I have been trapped in a dress hasn't been a stuck zip problem, it's been when trying to take it off as it's a side zip number, it's horrible! I get panicky with both arms stuck above my head in a contorted manner!

    I'd be leaving an appropriate seller review on ebay over that dress.

    How intriguing about that that ticket, I'd love to know what that was for too, could it be for a gig? Or would it have said who it was for I wonder.

    Fab buys too, those brooches are lovely!

  3. I love your idea of wearing the two seahorses as a 'shoal'!! Brilliant. You've done well with all of these finds, but how maddening about that shredded dress, I would be so cross about that!

    Those tickets aren't pay slips or something are they?

    Love the bag too, quite unusual x

  4. I don't think I've been trapped in anything although there's a few times when I've had trouble with rings and bangles going through security at the airport.
    I like the gold jacket and the bag (very Indian). What a shocking state that dress is in. I hate to think what that seller's wardrobe is like if she considers that to be in good condition! x

  5. It never rains, but it always pours...

    I'm sorry that you've been running into a lot of irksome situations lately. I'm floored by the state of that dress and that the seller had the gull to sell it without nothing the massive conditional problems. I'm very forgiving in that area, but there's a limit when it passes from acceptable to "are you kidding me?!" and that dress certainly hopped over that line. I can just imagine how crushed you must have been to see it arrive in that shape.

    Fingers crossed that things start to smooth out a bit more for you now that we're in the second half of February.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* That darling hedgehog plate is slaying me with its cuteness!

  6. I hate stressful weeks. That is rough with the shoes. At least you're smart enough to keep an extra pair at work to change into. Really good shopping, tho. Love the jacket, purse, and hedgehog plate!!!

  7. RIP Peacocks frock...maybe you can recycle some of the fabric?
    What a disgraceful condition the ebay frock was in, I hope you gave her some equally poor feedback? Sweet little bag, I think the tickets may be receipts for payment of the weekly newspaper bill perhaps???. Eighty four and a half pence?
    Can't remember what papers used to cost around that time?

    1. Well spotted, those look just like weekly newspaper receipts now you point it out, thank you.

  8. That's a horrible feeling, getting stuck in a frock. Instant sweating and panicking, worst of all when it's in a shop changing room. But the single shoe arriving through the post takes the biscuit. Or is it the ebay frock? I don't know, but what a lot of clothing related drama! Oh, ABC, that takes me back to being young and full of optimism, how wonderful. Let's see it on? xxx

  9. OMG, ABC were awesome. I'm sure Martin Fry would be bloody jealous of your jacket :D

  10. That seller is a shocker, shame on them! a pre-ebay hacking purchase of mine was a vintage dress, in a sad state and super stinky with no comments about either, the reply from the seller was curt anyhoo, stuck in a dress, naughty zip,poor you! I get wedged in loads though, always hopeful it will fit! ouch to your blistered feet and the gold jacket is fab! x x x

  11. That gold jacket is just the sort of thing I picture you in, so bright and fun.

    That dress is in appalling condition, the seller should be ashamed of themself.