Wednesday 29 March 2017

Looking With Fresh Eyes.

On Saturday I had to work, which is kind of a boo because who wants to have to get up early on a Saturday and trail into town when you could be catching up on much needed ZZZzzs.

On the other hand when 'having to work' includes a walking tour of Oxford on a gorgeous Spring day who can complain? About 4 times a year we have something called an Oxford Experience Weekend to try and encourage potential students to fall in love with Oxford and come to us instead of one of our rival establishments.

The Friday is all about the school and the programme and ends with a traditional Oxford college dinner, while the Saturday is all about the city of Oxford itself.
It's actually pretty tiring if I'm honest, you have to be 'on' the whole time, getting in after 11pm then up and off again the next morning.
Having said that I always enjoy the walking tour. We tried out 4 or 5 different companies and ended up going with one which gives tours lead by current students at Oxford. They are always different and always thoroughly entertaining.

As you can imagine I've done a few now, from the bitterly cold, can't feel fingers can't feel toes, if I stand still out here a moment longer I might just die. To the biblical downpour where at first you make a hopeless attempt to stay dry and end up helpless with laughter because you are soaked from top to toe and right down to your undercrackers so what else can you do but laugh.

Days like this Saturday however are the charm, and this time I promised myself I would remember my camera.

A gorgeous Spring day in a gorgeous city what more could you want?

It's so easy when you have lived somewhere for a long time to stop looking up

to stop looking around you.

You hurry to the bank and back in your lunch hour and barely look up from the pavement, or more likely have your eyes glued to your phone screen, (unless you are me and a touch screen technophobe!)

Sometimes I forget what a damn beautiful city I have the privilege to work in.


  1. Oxford certainly is a good looking city.
    It's the being extra-specially cheery and enthusiastic that wears me out to, that's why all I can do after a weekend of fairs is drink! x

  2. Lovely photos! I have never been to Oxford as a tourist, I went for work once but didn't see anything. Always good to reconnect with our everyday places, see them differently. X

  3. Gorgeous photos. It is a beautiful place for sure. I spent so much time looking up when we visited that I had a stiff neck! I'm looing forward to another visit in the summer.
    Yes, I am a touch screen technophobe too. I may even be a mobile refusenik deep down.xx

  4. Oxford is a wonderful city and you are very lucky to work there. It's good to look up as there's always something to see.

    At least you don't have to work every Saturday and you can have a lie in on Sunday to make up for the Saturday!


  5. Oxford is such a lovely city, but of course I'm biased having spent a couple of summer holidays in Oxfordshire. In my mind's eye, I can see a sun-drenched "High" and walking around Christ Church Meadow and along the River Cherwell to cool down as we were there during a heatwave. You're so lucky to work there, but it's true that you tend to take your own city for granted. I often walk around Antwerp in my lunch break, trying to see it through a tourist's eyes. Thank you for sharing those lovely photos which bring back so many happy memories. xxx

  6. You did have a beautiful day for a walking tour, and your photos are lovely.

  7. It's so true, what you said, we don't often look up and around us. I remember an art teacher once saying that and it really resonated with me. I try to make the effort to do that now, especially when on the bus. :)

  8. I'm amazed you have to encourage people to go there rather than anyone else - or is this more aimed at international students who might pick, say, Harvard or Yale or suchlike?