Saturday, 8 July 2017

Flaming June and It's Purchases.

Another month has been and gone and I haven't managed to blog at all...again.

Same reasons as last month on the whole and just super busy at work mainly, my line manager has been away for 3 weeks and I have been covering for her. So yes I've been manic busy and just a wee bit stressed with it all.

It hasn't been all work and no play though. I've managed to get out and about every now and then. A trip to the cinema, dinner with friends a couple of times, a baking hot Father's day barbecue at my Brother's house which Dad loved, and a day out in Bath with my Ma.
I found out by chance towards the end of last year that my Mum had never actually been to Bath, she had only ever driven through it. We had hoped to go before Christmas but that fell through and the trip somehow got forgotten, until now that is.  

We had a lovely day, it started of grey and drizzling
but the sun soon broke through to the point I ended up getting a bit burnt.
We just mooched about with no set plans. We decided to go into the Abbey which was actually the first time I have been in there too.
It was very beautiful and had a gorgeous embroidery exhibition on inspired by pages of a medieval illuminated manuscript.
The only down side was an opera type singer who was 'practicing' the whole time we were there, dear god she was bloody awful, I think my ears were bleeding by the time I left.

We had lunch and a look at the Assembly Rooms.
I do love the chandeliers there.

I made a couple of purchases. This gorgeous fish tealight holder that looks so pretty with a candle in it, without one it looks plain blue, but put a tealight in it and the magic happens.

A brooch at the indoor market
I know it's not quite the right time of year for snowflakes but still, it was too pretty to leave.

I also bought this lovely Murano Glass pendent in a little shop on Pultney Bridge.

All in all a fab day even if I did walk my poor Mum's feet off apparently!

I hope you are sitting down reading this because amazingly enough Himself and I also had a mini holiday!!
A while back Himself, who is not one for travelling or trips away, made interested noises about Cornwall.
Well you didn't have to say it twice, I had a B&B and train tickets booked before he could change his mind.

We went to Penzance for a long weekend and I shall dedicate my next pots to our time there.

I'm going to finish up with my June purchases, sit tight there are a few. As ever when I am feeling stressed I shop. Thankfully all the frocks were sale items.

Three lovely Vodoo Vixen dresses. The top two are freshly ironed, I had to wash them straight away because they both smelt a bit weird.
The red floral dress I ended up sizing up with because my size was sold out. I loved the dress so much and it was a great price so I bought it anyway and figured if it's too massive I will prevail upon my Mother and her amazing skills to take it in.

I also sized up on this Hell Bunny dress.
I have been stalking it ever since it was announced, but my size has been sold out consistently since day one.
Eventually it went into the sales so I knew my size would never come back into stock. I just bought the next size up at sale price and figured I could do something with it. I have to say it's actually been nice to wear it in this super hot weather because it is too big so it is loose and cool. I will wear it with a belt otherwise though.

As we are on the subject of novelty prints I almost bought this dress a while ago but even I, the consummate lover of novelty prints, took a step back because it may just be a novelty print too far.

Then it got reduced again so I thought sod it and hit 'buy'. It's actually a much deeper turquoise than it looks in this picture and I'm not quite sure where or when I shall wear it!

I bought this embroidered tunic top for £2 in a sale at my Dad's care home.

and the pirate t-shirt at the same time as the Hell Bunny dress. As you know I like to wear quirky and different exercise gear (when I actually get off my fat arse to exercise that is) and this pirate fits the bill perfectly.

Finally I have one handbag purchase. It was listed as a yellow handbag, a colour which I have taken a fancy to owning.
When it arrived it's very much more tan than yellow as you can see from above it seems ti photograph light. I don't mind it's still lovely and a great addition to the collection.

I shall attempt to post more regularly from now on, honest.


  1. That was a post worth waiting for. We now have matching snowflake brooches-great minds think alike, eh? The tea light is lovely.

    Can't wait to hear about your holiday. Glad you were able to pick up some beautiful dresses at a bargain-I had eyed that banana one too, but as I'm allergic to bananas I thought it would be strange to wear a print of something that could kill me. Would have made for strange conversations anyway.

    Yeah, that's not yellow but it is a great bag.

  2. I freakin' luv the banana print dress!!

  3. Looking forward to reading about Cornwall! Xxx

  4. I too am in the snowflake-brooch-club! Some lovely dresses there, I wondered how long it would be until you bought some more ;) Looking forward to hearing about your minibreak, never made it that far down myself x

  5. That snowflake brooch is excellent. I had my eye on the red floral Voodoo Vixen dress too, it's really pretty. That pirate T-shirt is ace.

  6. Bath really is a beautiful place, and it's really been far too long since I was there. So is Cornwall, where Jos and I spent our first holiday together. You picked up some fabulous dresses, too. Love the snowflake brooch and the not-quite-yellow handbag! xxx


  7. Glad you persuaded himself into taking a break. I've never been down that far down South in the UK.
    Wouldn't mind that chandelier in our house!
    Bath is gorgeous, I wish I had more time to roam around when we visit.
    That bag is fab as is the hippy-tastic tunic. I love that banana fabric, wouldn't mind hunting some down and making a maxi with it. xxx

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