Monday, 7 January 2019

Brooches Galore!

This post is pretty much just for Ann!

So in the same week as Ann I acquired a set of drawers with my brooches in mind. Mine are modern and nowhere near as nice as hers but they do the job.
During my time off over Christmas I lined them with felt I happened to have in the house and spent an afternoon sorting my brooches out. The hope was that I would get away from having 5 big dishes of brooches to hunt through. That they would be easier to find but also less likely to lose stones, something that had become a problem with them piled in dishes. 
I assumed as there were 5 drawers my whole collection would easily fit. hahahaha wrong. I still have two dishes full of brooches but all of those are plastic or fabric ones so less likely to damage.

Without further ado 
 These are the Christmas ones and a few others

Finally the dishes
I genuinely do wear them all as I wear a brooch pretty much every day, I also fairly regularly move on the ones I no longer wear as I do buy new ones very regularly as my blog will contest.

I'm snapping at Ann's heels with a collection of 285

The week off over Christmas was all about chilling and doing random jobs like this as Himself came home from his Dad's with a bad cold and took to the bed for a few days, plus I managed to twist my knee going into town to pick up supplies for him which was damn painful meaning all my thoughts of some lovely walks together went out of the window. Definitely the downside of getting older is it takes a bloody age for things to get better, two weeks on and my knee is still giving me jip. Bah.
Anyway at least I got a lovely pile of reading materials and some lego to keep me busy.

Christmas was fun. I went home with my Mum on Christmas Eve and 2 bottles of prosecco in we decided to go to the lovely midnight candlelit carol service at the village church she had waxed lyrical about.
We got there at 11.45pm expecting a midnight start and sort of burst through the door of a fully lit church to find the vicar in full flow!
We crept into a seat and found ourselves right in the middle of a full blown midnight mass with all the standing, sitting, kneeling & responses that involves. It seems they have a new vicar who is far more traditional and had sadly given the carol service the boot. We only got to sing one carol and didn't have a penny between us for the collection.

Christmas day we went to Dad's care home to wait for the taxi that was picking us all up to go over to my brother's. Let's just say there were a few issues meaning I had to sweet talk the taxi driver for 20 minutes before Dad was ready *sigh*
I quickly clocked it was a smaller car too so once his wheelchair was loaded in the back there was only room for Mum, so I made sure they were settled in and then set off on foot. It's a 25 minute walk so I set off at a cracking pace as I knew dinner was due to be ready when the car arrived. At least I can say I earned my dinner!

Himself came home on the 27th and we had a quiet New Year's Eve at home then it was back to work. It's our busiest time of year but I have taken a day off to go to the Night and Day exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London. I'm super excited as I have heard great things about it. Expect more about that very soon.


  1. Happy New Year! I'm not Catholic, but my mother's family was, and I used to actually love going to midnight mass with my Grandma and family. I love your new pin boxes!!!

  2. Happy New Year lovely! Wow, what a collection. A whole Christmas drawer too, that's impressive! My brooch collection has dwindled, I gave loads away as wedding favours and have realised that with longer hair, brooches are often hidden on me. I tend just to pop them on coats now. I still spotted a few I have too! Very best wishes for 2019. Xx

  3. Ooooh, how lovely! You've certainly got some beauties there, Gisela. And with 285, you're certainly snapping at my heels! Having these drawers does make it easier to find things. Maybe you can look out for another, perhaps smaller, unit to store the rest? But I know that once past 200, storage will always be an issue. And it's not that you will stop buying brooches any time soon, is it? It's a relief that I'm not alone, though ;-) Sorry to hear about your knee, and the disappointing midnight mass ... xxx

  4. Happy New Year!

    What an absolutely stellar collection of brooches! I can see that you've themed them. Those drawers are a fabulous idea and you've triggered off an idea for me.

    I have one of those old IKEA sets of three wooden drawers about the size of an A4 sheet of paper; I could find homes for their current contents (papers); line them and use them for brooches - yay! The only thing is I have no room left in my bedroom to store them...but I'll work on that.

    Sorry to hear about your knee. I did something to mine back in the summer and it still isn't right six months on. I try not to over exert it but it can wake me up in the night if I sleep with my legs at a certain angle - bugger it!

    I've got the Lucy Mangan on reserve from the library...

  5. I am chuckling at your tale of bursting in halfway through the service! Mum used to take us to church when I was a child and we did the same one year when she didn't realise the clocks had gone back.

    That is a LOT of brooches! You'll always have one for every outfit, that's for sure. I've been wearing one of the ones you sent me loads, it's my current favourite on cardigans.

  6. I don't dare count my brooches-it would put me off ever buying another. I do feel in good company with both you and Ann as people that can appreciate a good brooch or two, or two hundred!

    Hope your knee heals soon.