Wednesday 13 October 2010

A long weekend of fun with nephews.

I have had a fabulous but tiring few days. On friday Himself and I travelled to Torquay for the christening of nephew number two (Oscar aged 10 months). I was on godmother duty which was a great honour and I dressed accordingly. I had aimed for a smart 1930s/40s look, with a red and black patterned dress, a gorgeous black and white spotted coat and the black shoes pictured in a previous post. I got told I looked like I had 'stepped out of an episode of Miss Marple' so I think I achieved my look.

It was somewhat windy so the hair took a battering. Should have worn a hat....
Apart from what has to have been the longest sermon I have ever had to sit through! the christening went like a breeze and the godson was an absolute angel, bless him.

We travelled home on Monday for the birthday of nephew number one, sweet sixteen and no longer my little man as he is as tall as me now!
For his birthday we took him to London yesterday to see the rock band Bowling for Soup play and do a meet and greet with the band.

To digress for a moment.....

For those of you who are new to following me. I am, and always will be an unashamed fan of rock music. I have had some, lets call them 'lively debates' with some vintage purists who almost died with horror at the fact that I adore loud music as much as I love vintage clothes. Apparently there are those who think if you love vintage you must immerse yourself in the era to such a degree you are only allowed to listen to the music of that era, therefore my love of rock makes me unworthy of the vintage I might choose to wear.
Well they are entitled to their opinion of course, but forgive me if I choose to take no notice of them whatsoever! Their narrow mindedness means they miss out on a whole bunch of interesting people (like me!) and that is their loss.

Right off the soapbox and back to last night! It was AMAZING! The band were fantastic, Himself had organised a signed birthday card from them to the nephew, which they handed over at the meet and greet. That was the highlight of his night apparently!

That's him in the middle by the way.

It was a great gig, I sang and danced and got home at 1am.
The best end to a lovely weekend.

Oh and check out the backdrop in this picture, it was drawn for the band by Himself, my extremely talented other half!


  1. Entitled to their opinion? Opinion-schminion! How bloody rude! And how sad for them to shun a whole genre of fantastic music just because it doesn't match their seamed stockings! Don't get me wrong, I listen to Benny Goodman everyday - on the train as it is just instrumental and it blocks out the students saying "init" and "i was like.. and he was like.. and they were like", plus I can read whilst listening. I am also partial to a good dose of Al Bowlly, Glenn Miller and Anne Shelton - to name but a few.

    However... I love a good bit of ROCK!! Greenday, Incubus, SOAD, The Offspring (early stuff only) Couple that with The Prodigy and I must be a veritable OUTCAST,no? Shame on them for making you question your vintageness and feel the need to explain yourself! GRRRR. (rant over) (for now)

    Annnyway - not only did you indeed look like a Miss Marple extra - you also got to see Bowling for Soup. You truely DO rock!

  2. Thank you both. :-)

    I do happen to love a lot of 1930s & 1940s music too, especially songs from the musicals of those eras(another great passion of mine!) If I like a song I like it, irrespective of the style. I've never found it a problem to listen to all sorts of music and I've never been ashamed of it, even back in the days when I was desperate to be cool! lol

  3. You should see my iPod... packed with all sorts! Your music will be 'vintage' one day.

    I tagged your blog in a scavenger hunt. Feel free to play along.

    FF xo