Sunday, 1 January 2012

1st January 2012.

As my friend Gillian so succinctly put it on Facepage:

'Goodbye 2011. I won't miss you. You shithead.'

2011 has been a heck of a year and I'm very happy to see the back of it. Of course there were some great times among the bad, but on the whole it has been a tough and stressful year.Partly why New Years Eve night was spent quietly at home watching Poirot, (then the Hootenanny with Jools), drinking a little too much wine (which lead to me cooking chips at 10pm!) before heading off to bed a tad worse for wear in the wee small hours.
Today I am drinking tea, watching the rain and debating whether I have the strength to start taking down the decorations. I never see the point of keeping them up once I am back at work, so rarely leave it until the traditional twelfth night.

Having sunk into a bit of a misery this last week I am determined to start 2012 as I mean to go on. No more moping for me!
Yesterday we took ourselves off to Bath for the day, to have a change of scene if nothing else and of course browse the sales. I didn't go wild but I did buy a few lovely bits, which if nothing else it means I shall finally throw out the knackered old brassieres that I keep on wearing and sally forth into the new year fully upholstered in the lovely new ones I bought in the Marks sale!! Oh yes!

So resolutions/plans for 2012? Well I shall try to continue with reigning in the spending habits. I now realise last year's 'No Shopping' was far too ambitious for a self confessed shopaholic and will carry on trying to strike a balance between need and reckless spending.

I am determined to shift all the extra weight I added to my waistline last year and hopefully a bit more besides.

I want to keep on going to see exhibitions that catch my fancy. I am proud of me for taking myself off to various things alone rather than moaning about missing them because noone would go with me.I had some great adventures.

I am absolutely determined that after finally getting Himself to go on a holiday last year we shall do something this year as well! I know it's a long way off but I fancy Edinburgh in December. I have already made noises about it to Himself so we shall see......

I promise to finish projects and not keep leaving things half finished, or worse not even started whilst I get distracted by other things or far more shamefully by nothing at all.Coming home from work and slumping in front of the t.v until bed time has got to stop.

Of course number one priority on the list of plans is to get my poor tooth, or what is left of it, sorted. Not looking forward to that one obviously but needs must etc.

Anyway I must stop slothing here in my dressing gown doing precisely none of the above!! Onwards and upwards etc.

Here's to 2012.


  1. Happy New Year! Good luck with those resolutions and hope that tooth trouble is sorted soon. x

  2. Happy new year! I was in M&S in Bath yesterday too, we may have crossed paths.

  3. Just chanced upon your fab blog... love the FB comment made by your friend. Like you, cannot see the point of the decorations once we are into the New year (as much as I feel sad taking them down!)
    Lots and lots of similar NY resolutions to attempt! Here's to 2012. Lizzie

  4. Totally agree....I always want to start taking the decs down on Boxing Day but have been so busy working that they're still up this year. Most unlike me!
    Good luck with your resolutions - not spending is very difficult!

    K xx

  5. Happy New Year,darl!!!
    Yeah,2011 was a bitch of a year for most,it seems!!! Bring on a fresh start!I can't be arsed making resolutions,it just has to be a better year!XXX

  6. Happy New Year! Ah as Helga said 2011 was crappy for loads of us eh? Welcome 2012!!

  7. I am eyeing up my tree. It's going to get it soon. As there's a hurricane outside and nothing else to be done. Thank you for your comment on my blog. 2011 was pretty crappy. Onwards and upwards though.

  8. Happy New Year! Here's to a better 2012. Can't be difficult, judging by most of our experieces of 2011...