Friday 30 December 2011

Christmas? Make it Snappy.

So here I am the other side of Christmas and sadly not unscathed. As my dear (and very) pessimistic sister said 'On the whole 2011 has been a shit year for you, and it looks like it's planning to end that way too'
It all started innocently enough, I braved the horror of Tesco on Christmas Eve for a food shop and then spent three and a half  hours baking the 5 different cakey treats I had been asked to make for Boxing Day. I wore my rather splendid new Christmas jumper. The only time of year I would be seen in such an item!
We headed over to my parents where we ate and drank and watched tv. Christmas Morn we got up, ate and drank some more, opened a present or 3 and went for a walk before dinner. I had great fun trying out the adult exercise equipment in the park though I'm not sure Himself was convinced!
We got home and I helped plate up dinner, I pulled a cracker, put on a paper hat, took my first mouthful of dinner and thought that doesn't feel right, rooted very inelegantly in my mouth and retrieved one of my teeth!?! The teeth each side of my front two are both crowns due to them not growing properly when my adult teeth came through, one of these had snapped clean off, crown intact. I still can't quite believe it had to happen right at that moment, I mean of all days of the year for the stupid thing to break. The irony being I had only been to the dentist on the 22nd for a check-up, x-ray and hygienist visit and was given a clean bill of teeth health.

Lets just say I didn't exactly fancy my christmas dinner after that, and if nothing else it hurt whenever hot, cold or anything for that matter touched the spot where once a tooth had been.
I rang the emergency number on the surgery answer machine and left a message. They called me back the next day and arranged to see me 10am on the 28th. Three whole days.......

It's at times like these that I am grateful my mother likes to buy random bits of pottery for bless her she had a sudden brainwave and produced this 
Not exactly elegant but at least it meant I could drink without hitting the roof with every mouthful!! My brother and family arrived on Boxing Day with soup and straws, though I confess to being pretty miserable company I was very grateful.
It's also at times like this when not having a car is a problem. My emergency appointment was in to get there.....thankfully my parents stepped in again and offered to drive me there. Dear god but I hate going to the dentist, I was a nervous wreck.
Unlucky for me, the whole reson I had had the teeth capped in the first place meant that the underdeveloped root was too small to accomodate a peg which would have sorted the problem then and there and meant no further treatment, oh I could have wept.
The prognosis is not good. I am looking at either a bridge or an implant, both of which will mean extensive dental work and will cost upwards of £1000. Happy Christmas to me.
Anyway the lovely emergency dentist managed to drill in two fine metal wires and cement the cap onto them, it nearly didn't work but thankfully 2nd attempt and the cap stayed put. I left with strict instructions to be VERY careful and under no circumstances to bite into anything! Following these instructions the tooth should hold until my own dentist is open again in early January. Of course I have been too paranoid to eat much since other than soup, but at least I can drink tea again! On the bright side I had also planned to lose some weight in the new year so I have just started the diet early I guess.
Anyway after spending the last few days feeling sick with panic I have given myself a talking too. What is done is done and as Himself says it's nothing that can't be mended. Also on the plus side if I have an implant it will never, ever happen again!

As you can imagine I haven't really done much other than sleep and read these last few days. I have watched a little tv, it's been pretty crap Christmas viewing on the whole though I loved 'Downton' and 'Great Expectations'.
I certainly got enough new reading material for Christmas, as if there was the slightest chance I was running short!
I also got an assortment of Snoopy items :-)
Some lovely necklaces.....
Shopping bags.
 and a new jumper.
So really it's not all doom and gloom, far from it in fact.

I shall finish up with a picture from my garden, a sign of joy and hope in all the cold,wet, miserable mud.
New year, new beginings. The end of an eventful and not always happy year and the start of good things to come. x


  1. Ouch @ the pain and at the cost :(

    BTW love the festive Snoopy jumper - and your new scottie dog one too :)

  2. Merry Christmas ! Why oh why do these things always happen at THE worst possible moment in time?? Hope it's not as expensive as you think and I too love the snoopy jumper xxxx

  3. Oh, what a shame! Hope your temporary thingy stays in. Best wishes for 2012.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. What a pain...literally! I hope this year is a top year for you. I wasn't impressed with seems to have been a rubbish year for lots of people.
    Love the scottie sweater to bits.

  5. oh god poor you! Ah 2011 was totally crap for me too as the Lovely Ivy Black said above many of us have had a crappy year, but 2012 will be brilliant for ALL of us! I'm convinced.

    Hope you get your tooth situation sorted soon :o)

  6. You poor soul, how bloody awful! Thank goodness for lovely presents and emergency dentists. Hope 2012 is much, much better for you. x

  7. Oh your poor tooth, i can just imagine how awful that must have been, i hate the dentist too so would have been a nervous wreck also. A big ouch to the cost :o( I hope 2012 is a lot better for you chick, Scarlett x

  8. Im so sorry to read about your tooth you poor thing ;-( I hope the new year is a better one for you. Stay postive and seeing those little snowdrops that is enough to make anyone smile ;-) Beautiful as they are and the hint of spring its blinking winter still, the world has gone truely mad ;-)) hugs, dee xx

  9. You poor poor thing! The same thing is happening to my mum! She's lost four teeth in the last six weeks!

    Hopefully the new year will bring a new start and some good luck! xx

  10. Yikes that isn't good about the tooth. On the other hand, you have a rather fetching christmas jumper, which I failed to get. Maybe in the sale. Also love that bag!! And that scotty dog jumper too, where did that come from?? Whereabouts do you live? In my head I thought it was Brighton but looking at your bag maybe it's Kent?

  11. sigh, I wish I'd been given as many books (only 4!), although I was given a gingerbread house, so woo!

  12. Tooth pain is horrendous isn't it. Poor you, I feel your pain (pardon the pun).
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scottie dog jumper - where is it from?
    Ooooh it is so cute.
    Hope 2012 goes your way.

  13. Oh you poor poor thing! What a nightmare re the tooth. Your mum's solution did make me giggle though, and looks like you got some great pressies. Here's to a happier new year!