Monday, 5 March 2012

Feeling Mellow Yellow in Bargain Booty.

An outift post from moi? now there's something you don't see every day!
Today was another interview day at work so when it comes to clothes, smart comfortable was the order of the day, the perfect opportunity to wear my bargainous from the sales Henry Holland blouse, I love Henry Holland but rarely feel I can justify the price, so sales are the way to go.

worn with my most favourite grey flannel trousers, I wear these to death  and am now starting to worry that I will actually wear them out......They were also a sales buy last year.
I decided to give my yellow brogues their first outing, thanks to Land Girl 1980 for the 'quick! brogues in the sales' tip :-)

The only thing I bought full price (yes even the undies were in the sales at M&S, and no you aren't going to see them.) were my earrings.

Whoo could I resist??


  1. EEEK! An outfit post!!
    OMG,loving the earrings, and that top is such a sweetie!Goes perfectly with those cute CUTE brogues!!yay,thanks for the treat!XXX
    (Hahahaha,I expect somebody got to enjoy the undies?!)

  2. You look lovely!

    But that's freaky not your outfit but I'm just about to post a very rare outfit post too!

    I do love a yellow/mustard colour yet I don't have any at the moment, well a bolero but no blouse, must remedy that.

  3. aahhh you look really lovely, lovin your yellow shoes. And those owl earrings are far to cute ;-) My mate would adore those. Good luck for the interview hope it went well. dee x

  4. Those shoes look fantastic with that blouse. Really nice outfit!

  5. You look fab! Love that yellow on you. x

  6. Love the mustard and grey together! Really want those earrings! xxx

  7. Those earrings are so adorable! And the mustard really brightens up the grey. I love your blog header as well - gorgeous shoes!


  8. Great outfit. Those earrings are so adorable!

  9. Where are your shoes from? I need them.