Monday, 7 May 2012

Mayday Fun and Gardening.

It occurs to me that this would be one of those times where, if I was that way inclined, I might worry that the magic was going from this relationship!
There we were with a lovely long bank holiday weekend ahead of us and Himself and I have been like ships that pass in the night.
Friday I was in London whilst he was at home, Sunday Himself was in London whilst I was at home and today I was out in Oxford with my best girls whilst he was home nursing a hangover.

We did manage to spend half of Saturday together (steady on now!) when we had a lovely steak pie for dinner and then decided as it was so windy outside we would go and try and fly the mini kite I bought Himself in Hampstead last week. The garden proved to be to sheltered so Himself suggested the park, I was sure it would be locked at night he thought this was rubbish so we walked to the park, it was locked. Much to the bewilderment of some dog walkers we ended up with him runnng down the middle of the street and me leaping up and down flinging the kite into the air, (and there's me wondering about the relationship magic?).

 Sunday the SUN CAME OUT! God I've almost forgotten what it looks like.After a delicious egg breakfast Himself set off for London and I spent the rest of the day in the garden doing some much needed work. It was sheer bliss even if I did overdo it and was so stiff  I was walking like John Wayne come the eveing! 

*Gratuitous garden shots*

Veggie patch all planted out and covered in sticks to try and stop the local cats using it as a convenient toilet.

Pumba does not look happy, he was completely hidden by weeds poor thing, now at least he can see again.

                                                              Happy Feet.

After all that I headed down to my Brother's house to give my Sister in Law her birthday present, eat chocolate and cola cake (YUM!) drink wine, drink baileys listen to cheesy 80's music until we could stand no more and put some Rammstein on, then head home and realise it was too late for dinner.

Today I left Himself to his hangover and went to Oxford.
It's the first time in about 15 years that I was there on a Bank Holiday for leisure rather than for work, it felt quite strange really. I met my two best friends for some quality catch-up time. We had to go with our Plan B which was straight to the pub as the weather was so awful. We ended up in Weatherspoons and there we stayed for the next four hours. Wine, scampi and chips, a strawberry/banana sundae and much laughter, just what the doctor ordered. 
I then came home and cooked a roast dinner, and yes I ate a huge plate of that too. Himself is upstairs packing for a business trip and I am sitting here positively bursting at the seams avoiding the washing up by blogging instead.
Happy Bank Holiday.


  1. What a lovely green space you have to work with. We lack a garden at our new home, but there is the tiniest sliver of available soil in the front yard, so we're planning to plant a few pretty things there soon (I have almost no gardening experience, so it will be very interesting to see how that turns out!).

    Thank you very much for your wonderfully kind comment today on my vintage outfit post, dear gal. I adore colour and think that anyone can pull it off, so I totally encourage you to snap up the next bright, beautiful vintage dress you see and give it a try. I bet you'll look like a million dollars!

    Wishing you a marvelous Monday & week ahead,

  2. Your garden looks fantastic, I love Pumba and your happy feet pot!
    We keep overdoing the gardening too, it's looking a lot tidier but nowhere near as organised as yours. x

  3. i love those pansies! I tend to blog rather than do stuff I'm supposed to... like work

  4. Your garden is too sweet and I love using pansies in ice cubes for cocktails in the summer time. YUM, I love a roast, whenever wherever I love a roast!

  5. So stylish! follow each other sweetie?:X

  6. an excellent way to spend a wet day!!