Friday 4 May 2012

Marilyn Monroe Exhibition at the Getty Gallery.

Today I had a day off work to go to Old London Town and the Marilyn exhibition at the Getty Gallery. I was meant to be having a whole day out in the big smoke with my exhibition buddy Simon but he let me down and cancelled on me. *boo*
I didn't want to miss the exhibition so I went on my own. Got myself to Regent's Street no problem, but then I got a tad lost in the streets behind, eventually I turned a corner thinking I was heading back to where I started to try and find my way again and instead I was actually there!

First thing I did was fall in the door. As anyone who knows me will tell you this is not an unusual occurance, for one who was born on a Tuesday and therefore supposedly 'full of grace' I am laughably lacking in any signs of it. I have spent my entire life falling, tripping, stumbling and generally walking into. I have actually even fallen down a manhole, a singularly painful experience and one I joke I shall have put on my gravestone so it can keep amusing people even after I am gone!

Anyway people if you do plan to go to the exhibition please note there is a large step down into the gallery!

Now having been to the Marilyn exhibition in Bath last summer and being the owner of quite a lot of literature about her, I left this exhibition feeling a bit flat. It is quite tiny as exhibitions go, (but then the gallery itself is only small) However other than half a dozen photos I had seen everything here before, indeed most of the pictures I already own via an A3 sized calander I bought years ago or books in my collection.

 Having said that it was great to see them as a good quality photographic print. Also the dresses were far more brightly lit than they had been in Bath and you were allowed to take pictures of them here which you weren't allowed to do there, so that was a bouns too.

I think the thing was in such a brightly lit modern gallery it didn't have the same personal feel or poignancy as the other exhibition and I'm convinced this is why I felt a bit flat.

Having said that if you love Marilyn then it really is well worth a visit!


  1. How long is it on for? I'll have to go xxx

  2. That looks like a lovely exhibition and I would have fallen through the door too! I hope you're okay xxx

  3. Oh me, oh my, that does sound (and look) divine. How I wish they'd just hurry up and build a bridge over the Atlantic so that I could pop over to London from Canada and visit, too.

    Wishing you a serene, gorgeous weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. I hate being let down last minute, but well done you for going anyway! Love the pics of the glamourous gowns, thanks for sharing :)