Sunday 9 September 2012

An Elephant, A Dodo and a KIte.

Well it's been a while but whilst I have had things to blog about I haven't seemed to have had the urge.
 Been feeling a bit meh really, you know when you feel like you are coming down with something and then nothing happens? So you almost wish you would get sick to get it over with? That.
 In fact just to show you how 'meh' I have been feeling I went into town and couldn't even muster the energy to browse the charity shops!?!

I did sign up for a sewing machine class in November though, it's about time my new machine saw some action!

My before holiday diet crashed and burned last week when I went out for dinner with friends, I did resist having a starter but when one of the specials turned out to be baked lime cheesecake that was my feeble willpower out the window!
 I had just scarfed a huge plate of one of the best lasagnes I have eaten in years before it too.....ah well it was bloody delicious.

I went out the next night to meet friends at The Star pub in Oxford. I was slightly worried I wouldn't find it as it's been a few years since I was last there, and on all of those occasions my visit was either  in the middle or at the end of a very messy pub crawl!
I was only slightly late having been distracted by a sale in Aspire (one the most lovely shops in Oxford!), then a new charity shop that had a vintage section and then I overshoot by one street which meant I had to doubleback.

The two best things about The Star?

They serve Newcastle Brown and the door of one of the cubicles in the ladies has a cat flap in it!  I kid you not.

I had a bloody brilliant evening and stayed out much later than I intended so Himself was already in bed when I got home *cough*.

Other than that I have attacked the garden getting it ready for winter and made a half arsed attempt to tidy my clothes which are forming more and more piles on the spare bedroom floor instead of going in the cupboards or drawers they belong in. It's those 'hoarder next door' tendencies in me coming out again!

I have been browsing Ebay and I bought a couple of things. One an absolute dud, I can't believe a veteran like me fell for the old  'it has a couple of small pulls at the front which are not at all noticeable when the dress is worn' line. Of course the dress arrived looking like it had been dragged through a thorn bush and then clawed by a lion just for good measure once it was out on the other side!

However I did find the 'Elephant Lamp of Wonder' as I came to refer to it when I kept texting Himself to see if it had arrived yet! I even persuaded the engineers at work to PAT test him for me when he arrived as he is an antique lampstand that has been 'adapted to modern wiring'

FINALLY the day came when the box arrived. I was just too excited when I unpacked him, smelling all delicious of beeswax polish to find...... he has no plug.


Himself went out to Robert Dyas to purchase a plug and that's as far as it got. For a week now the Elephant Lamp of Wonder has sat with a plug, some pliers and some wire strippers next to him on the table. Ho hum.

Anyway! Behold!

Isn't he beautiful?

I also finally recieved my limited edition Polly figure from 'Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists' (when oh when is that coming out on DVD??) I only ordered it in June!

                                               She's not fat she's just big boned!

And for my last 'finally' of the week.
Today it was finally sunny and windy enough to try out the mini kite I bought Himself in Hampstead.

Here I have taken a leaf out of the lovely Vix's book and am wearing nightwear as day wear.

My top started it's life as a strawberry print nightie, as you can see on someone of my height it would have been a seriously indecent nightie!?! but as I loved the print and it was very cheap I bought it and wear it as a swing top instead.

We finally figured out how to get the kite to fly much to the disappointment of a couple of dogs who had been eyeing it up as it fluttered along the ground, hard luck poochies.


  1. Looking at how lovely you look in that picture I can't see why you want to change a thing! That lamp is gorgeous and the pub sounds ace. A cat flap in the ladies? That is utterly bizarre (but quite handy if you get caught without any loo roll)!
    Love the description of the few pulls, we've all done that!
    Hope you feel better soon! x

  2. The elephant lamp of wonder is fanTASmo!!!
    Cheesecake is extemely difficult to resist, and I don't even have a real sweet tooth! Don't punish yourself,just enjoy!
    The sewing class will be awesomely inspiring!! You'll go mad making fabulous things,I bet!
    Yay for a great night out,although the cat flap is mighty peculiar!!!

  3. That lamp is so splendidly cool! My mom has always adored elephants, and I suspect she would love it, too.

    Wishing you tons of luck with your sewing class - that sounds like a blast!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. That lamp is just aces. What sort of shade will you put on him?

    I know what you mean about the 'meh' thing; I haven't wanted to do much of late. I hope yours goes away properly in time for the sewing machine class.

  5. I love Mr Elephant!! Fingers crossed he gets sorted soon! You just reminded me I need to sign up for sewing machine classes!! £50 for 5 from the local council - not bad xxx

  6. Oooh, the lamp is lovely indeed! And I too have worn nightwear as daywear xxx

  7. Yeah for nighties in the daytime and flying kites! I hope you feel better soon!