Saturday 22 December 2012

Festive Fun!

I am finally sitting down with what is probably my hundredth cup of tea of the day and 'The Very Best of INXS' on the stereo.
They are one of those bands I was never a dedicated fan of but they did have quite a few songs I loved. Indeed when the track 'Suicide Blonde' came out it quickly became my nickname and a friend of a friend who worked in Our Price used to put it on whenever I walked into the store which was somewhat embarrassing!
Anyway I digress, but when I spotted this cd for £3 whilst I was doing the weekly shop I decided to treat myself and I am extremely pleased I did.

It has been a manic week. We have consultants in at work trying to streamline our department which means us spending at least 4 hours a day doing 'exercises and role play' at what is probably our busiest possible time of year. The timing really could not be worse and things have been pretty strained as we slip further and further behind with our real work!
 This is my 3rd experience of going through a consulting process and this looks to be no different to the other two times, ie pretty much a complete waste of time and effort, with no worthwhile changes at the end of it.

On the plus side, socially I have been out with different friends every day, eating and drinking (waistline be damned!) all culminating in the beautiful wedding of my friend Katy yesterday. Thankfully the world didn't end and the rain stopped!

I was all set to wear a lovely deep red velvet dress I have, when on a whim, I decided to try on a black and gold Pearl Lowe dress I bought in the sales at the beginning of the year but have not worn yet. Sometimes I buy a new dress and have to wear it instantly, but often I wait for the perfect occasion to present itself before I feel the time is right to give a frock an outing.
I'm glad to see from Jessica's wonderful post  here  that I am not alone is this habit, I know some think it strange!
It really doesn't look much on a hanger but it is so lovely on, there is so much fabric in the skirt and it hangs beautifully. I will share a picture of me in it when I get one, I know various were taken just not by me or Himself, so not on my camera.

I have pretty much finished all I need to do after a hellish food shop this morning. We decided not to get all of the Christmas decorations out of the loft this year as we are actually only in the house for about 5 days during the festive period. It seemed mad to get it all out just for that,so instead I brought in the little live tree I have in a pot on the patio and covered it with the decorations I usually put on it outside and a few that I had bought in the sales last year.

 My giant standing snowman stays out all year as I refuse to put him in the loft in case he goes mouldy! I also got some new honeycomb decs from Wilkinsons and put them up with good old blu-tac so classy!
 My final bit of Christmas cheer comes thanks to a voucher from Tesco for a free poinsettia, I'm always up for a freebie!
Here's hoping you all have a very happy Christmas wherever you are and whatever you are doing and that it might actually stop raining for a few days.


  1. I bet that dress is stunning on.
    Here's to a nice bit of p& q over the festive period! Have a brilliant one and here's to 2013.

  2. That dress is so wonderfully lovely. I sense it's one of the pieces I would have held onto for a long time, too. Thank you very much for mentioning my post, I really appreciate it. We should start a "a new dress is a like a really good wine" club. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I keep clothes for the right occasion as well, so I don't think it's strange at all. Funnily enough I bought a black and gold dress in the sales last year too, it hung in my wardrobe all year until November and I've worn it twice since then. Hope you have a lovely Christmas too. xx

  4. That kind of work training brings out the sulky teen in me. At least you have had a great week socially. The dress looks great! Xx

  5. What a lovely dress!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas xxx

  6. That dress is stunning on the hanger so I bet it's amazing on! The happy couple look gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful Christmas! xxx

  7. Your dress is beautiful! Velvet is so festive too , I find!
    *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*
    to you and yours
    BH x