Thursday 6 December 2012

I Don't Know Much but I know my Onions.

I have finally managed a weekend in, at home, with not much to do - Bliss.
 I caught up with various housework type jobs that have been gathering dust, (quite literally!) I also spent some time on Ebay listing some items which of course also meant buying some items *ahem* I do tend to re-spend any money I make on Ebay (unless it's a a lot, which isn't often.)

I had had a trying week getting to a fro work due to flooding so I was definitely in the right frame of mind for treats and oh boy oh boy did I find myself a cracking frock!!!
 Not only was it only 99 pence (plus postage) It is quite possibly one of the most bizarre dress prints you can imagine so behold my onion dress!

Yes you are seeing that right, it has onions printed on it and I bloody love it. I see it getting plenty of wear in the spring. The other Brucey Bonus is it is a size smaller than the one I have been wearing of late, I took a chance on it because it was so quirky and I knew I had lost some weight so hoped it would fit and it did! HUZZAH!
It seems the diet is finally paying off and I have to confess I do feel a damn sight better for it and so does my dodgy knee so I am determined to keep up the good work.

Now this next picture I just had to share with you because it is another of my 'got caught out by the camera timer shots' good job I'm not too precious about looking my best really! I honestly have absolutely no idea what on earth I was thinking at this particular moment in time, but it would seem I was far too busy scratching my back and wiping my nose to pose if this picture is anything to go by!

Anyway I was wanting to share my new Pearl Lowe dress. I absolutely*ADORE* Pearl Lowe's clothing. I have meant to do a post on her for a while, but I do actually have a quite a large collection of her dresses so it would probably take more than one post if nothing else and as ever I never seem to find the time to do all the posts I have mentally planned out.

If you don't know of her collections, her dresses are all either direct copies of, or designs based upon, vintage pieces from her own collection. The are well made, wonderfully cut and just fit like a dream.
Gratuitous boob shot to show you the lovely bodice, it even makes me look like I have a bosom which is always a bonus!

Another Ebay purchase was this lovely blue dress, except on me it is so ridiculously short it doesn't even cover my arse!?!

Seriously what is it with dresses being so damn short these days?
If science is to be believed we are getting taller as time goes by so why oh why are all the dresses out there so relentlessly short? I hear this from people of all heights so clearly it is something that bothers more than just those taller people like myself.
This dress is so pretty, but has to be worn over leggings or jeans or I might get arrested for indecent exposure or die of exposure from the cold!

Again it is a boob shot but that is because I wore it to work all day and it is horribly, horribly crumpled, bah I hate materials that crease easy.

Finally my last Ebay 99 pence bargain. Himself is not at all keen, but I think styled right it will look fab if a tad LOUD and I do like my nautical themes.

I am also going to share another thing I bought myself, though not via the bay of E.

It is all my friend Melissa's fault!!

She sent me the link to the tea t-shirt and whilst browsing the website I found the elephant one and everyone who has ever read this blog knows what I feel about tea and elephants.......

Finally a little charity shop gem. It's a modern take on a 1920's flapper beaded evening bag. Isn't it gorgeous and well worth the fiver I paid for it in my opinion. It is really heavy due to all the beading.

This weekend I am frantically doing some Christmas stuff, seeing my parents and packing for our trip to Edinburgh next week. Very excited about that but not about catching the 4am train..........


  1. wow!!! I LOVE the onion dress! It's absolutely amazing. You got some real bargains off eBay and that skirt is wonderful. I love it all!

  2. That onion dress rocks and it's such a fabulous fit, too! Love the red and blue frocks, too. Pearl Lowe bought a 1940s tea dress from me a few years ago (I kept her address like any crazed stalker would) and she's used that it a Peacocks design.
    Love the skirt and that bag is gorgeous.
    Gary Numan was amazing, thank you for making me go! xxx

  3. Goodness i love all the dresses that onion dress looks gorgeous on you and i love the red and white dress thats lovely. Its not a designer i have heard off but them im hopeless with labels. I love that little skirt to i can just see that with a 60's style twinset of a waist lengh navy blue jumper and cardigan and little navy or white dolly shoes to cute. Have a fab time in Edinburgh, love dee xxx

  4. That dress is such fun! I really like it! Was it hand made?
    I saw two huge stone elephants outside a basement flat in Maida Vale yesterday, you'd have loved them!

  5. Those are some fab frocks, but I *really* like the elephant T-shirt. It's such a cute design.

  6. Love the onion dress! Enjoy Edinburgh - there's a shop called Armstrong's in the Grassmarket full of amazing vintage clothes :) I could spend hours in there! Love scarlet ( x

  7. The skirt, oh the skirt!!! I love it!!

    Only just seen this post, December has been crazy busy so far. Looking forward to a nice rest next week, feet up with some mince pies and a good catch-up of all the blog posts I've missed over the last month or so.

    Porcelina xx

    P.S. I never got to buy any of those Pearl Lowe dresses but I saw them online and was tempted. It's good to know they fit well.