Thursday 3 January 2013

Bloggy Swaps and Awards.

I too joined Lakota's 'Faith, Hope and Charity Festive Blog Swap' and thought it was about damn time I posted about the lovely gifts I received.

I was teamed up with the lovely Hannah at Make Time who hasn't blogged in a while which doesn't surprise me in the least as she is one seriously busy lady!
I am still in utter gobsmacked awe of the to make/to do list she set herself before Christmas and don't quite understand how she is not wibbling in some corner like I would be if I were her. Instead she sailed through Christmas and a houseful of illness like the superwoman she is.
Hannah I for one salute you even if you do make me feel completely hopeless/helpless/hapless.

Behold my parcel.

Hannah told me she was going to wait for Christmas to open hers (boo hiss) so I felt obliged to do the same even though there was a wee tear in the paper giving me a tantalizing peak at what was within......
There were the most AMAZING little, little buttons from her Gran's work basket that I promise I will wait to find the perfect project for. I lovely reel of snowman ribbon (always a winner in this house.)

The item linked to a Christmas song was an LED snowman 'Frosty The Snowman' seen here with 2 friends.
The thrifted item was a book of spine tingling ghost stories and the handmade item was this awesome little book bag.

Thank you Hannah, you are a star.

I have also been awarded another Blog Award by Dixie Rising at The Everyday Pinup Girl at this rate I shall be struggling to get my swell head out of the door in the morning!

It does mean having to root round for another 11 mind blowing/numbing facts about myself.

1.I get nervous if I'm in a field with cows, they can go mad and trample people they also sometimes have bulls in the field too, so I will not walk through fields of cows but take very long detours around them.

2. I once had my belly button pierced, it went septic and I had to take the ring out with a pair of pliers. I do not recommend this course of action.

3. Stand and Deliver by Adam and the Ants is the ring tone on my phone.

4. I have close to 200 bottles of nail polish and still can't quite believe I actual took the time to count them all.
                            (many more have been added since this picture was taken.)

5.I cannot bear to have my hair played with, Himself does it deliberately to wind me up which means I get to punch him when he does.

6.I have suffered 3 broken bones, 2 toes and one finger not bad going when you are as accident prone as me.

7. I once got whistled at by Matt Dillon.

8.I cannot walk in high heels, I cannot even balance in high heels, I just look at them and fall over. It's a good job I'm tall.

9.My life's ambition is to see a moose in the flesh.

10. I hate having to empty the recycling and leave the bin wedged full to bursting which drives Himself demented, conversly I LOVE rubbish/garbage collection day as I like the idea of it all being gone.

11. When I was at college I always used to get the giggles in the library and often got thrown out for disturbing other users, bizarrely I ended up working in one for over 20 years.

1. What is your favorite place to shop online?
That would have to be Ebay.
2. Favorite perfume?
 I can't wear perfume, I'm one of those freaky people whose skin reacts and makes it smell weird. I love Bath and Body Works Sheer Freesia or White Tea and Ginger body splash.
3. What is something you regret?
Not doing as well as I was capable of at college
 4. Describe you dream vacation.
Being by the sea, with shops nearby and not too hot.
5. What are your thoughts on booties?
Not sure what this means? Booties are something babies wear on their feet in the U.K
6. Paris or Rome? Why?
I've never been to Rome so Paris I guess, I love it there.
7.  What is your favorite meal?
Lamb Shank.
8. How do you feel about Vegetarianism?
As you can see from my previous answer I am not one myself, though I will only buy organic and freedom foods when it comes to meat and dairy products. I'm happy to eat meat providing the animals have been well treated during their lifetime.
9. What was your favorite book when you were a kid?
Depends on what age, I have always been a bookworm.I loved Enid Blyton and still read Famous Five books when I am ill in bed.
10. Coffee or Tea?
TEA!!!! Don't actually like coffee.  
11. What is the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?
A fuck off huge blue bottle fly that landed on my ice cream just as I took a lick, it tasted unbelievably disgusting and I spat it straight out.    


  1. OMG, the fly story makes me gag!!!
    Happy New Year, lovey!
    I rather enjoyed your little trivia bits about yourself! Stand and Deliver is such a fab song, what an awesome ring tone!!! And I am STUNNED by your nail varnish collection! WOW! I think I have about 15!!

  2. What a cool array of facts about you and your life. I'm in awe of your nail polish collection! In high school a friend and I shared a collection of nearly 100 bottles (all inexpensive drug store brands, but some of them were quite good all the same), but these days my collection tends to hover more in the range of 20-25 bottles at any given time. It must be so fun to have so many colours to choice from when doing your toes or fingers!

    ♥ Jessica


    I wanted to take a moment to thank you deeply for your thoughtful, informative comment on my post about hair loss. I really wish I lived in the UK and could avail of your SIN's expertise in this area.

  3. Hahaha, love your answers and facts, and bow down to your superior nail polish collection (mine is outgrowing its storage though, and I got another 9 bottles for Christmas!). I like having my hair played with - though not by my sticky fingered offspring - and feel we need to hear more of the Matt Dillon anecdote!

    Great swap gifts, I'll put up a linky in a couple of days.
    Happy New Year!

    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  4. that is a fuck load of nail varnish!! but why not? I always want a new shade or two every week - ooh just discovered Toma, really good brand. I loved nosing through your questions and answers. You were really good to wait until Christmas to open your presents, but they were fabulous so it was worth it x

  5. Great answers but can't believe anyone can have that much nail varnish!! :) M x

  6. Ha ha! Booties are short boots... Here in the U.S. we rename things with names that already belong to other things. Baby booties are the same here too but now that everyone wants to wear ankle length boots... they call them booties... Personally, I think it makes people with chunky legs look like the have NO ankles... lol.

  7. I get nervous around cows too, they're curious animals and are also huge which makes them scary! We got chased through a field by a herd once, that was awful, I envisioned myself tripping and being trampled!