Thursday 10 January 2013

These Boots Were Made for Walking.

What a week it has been and there is still a day to go. The management consultancy people are taking their toll, or should I say spending between 2-4 hrs a day with them 'troubleshooting' (but not being negative!) and 'blue sky thinking', then frantically trying to make headways in our actual work which is falling further and further behind is taking it's toll. I find January hard at the best of time but this is bloody tough.
On top of that my best friend Jenny's Dad died on Sunday, He has been seriously ill for a while now so in some ways it has been a blessed relief, but no matter how prepared you are it is never easy.
I was also filled with guilt because I never rang her last week when I had been meaning too and that got me pondering on all sorts of things like how friendships mature and change and how easy it is to put things off just because you are tired or have had a bit of a pants day, and that that is actually no excuse whatsoever.

My healthy eating plan has also been a big fat fail this week and I haven't done any exercise at all, tell a lie I did some stretches on Tuesday and then went to bed!
All in all not a good week.

I did get a little something in the post to brighten my day, ok rather a large box to be precise, holding a wonderous pair of boots. Yes yes need them like a hole in the head etc but I loved them and even Himself approved! (Unlike the bowler hat I bought that he said looked like an old lady's hat,and the hat that she would wear to a funeral at that, he knows nothing.)


Finally I met my friend Melissa for lunch today, a much needed slab of chocolate cake and much gossip later and I was almost a woman restored. She also passed on to me a memory stick with photos from Katy's wedding and would you credit it? The only picture of my lovely frock full length is one of me stuffing my face! Oh the irony.


  1. BOOTS!! They are lovely...very tasty. You look gorgeous in your frock.
    I know what you mean about putting things off. I tend to think I'll do it tomorrow but really I should do it there and then. Anyway, weekend soon! Have a good one.

  2. I'm terrible for putting things off, but at least you recognise it and I'm sure your friend would still be really happy of your support.
    Those boots are just amazing!! And love thestuffing face photo!!

  3. Those are fantastic boots!

    It is so easy to put things off, especially when you are busy at work. I think everyone does it. You work, get home, eat and have only a couple of hours, so you think, "Oh, I'll do it tomorrow night" and then you work, get home, eat, and have only a couple of hours... that's how it is for me, anyway. Don't beat yourself up about it.

    Cake or no cake, that's a lovely outfit you're wearing in that photo - shoes, bag, dress, all look great together!

  4. That comment about the only photo made me laugh. It is just typical, but hey, the arm up gives us a better view. It is a lovely dress and those boots are stunning.

    Putting things off is a downfall of mine, most especially putting off phonecalls. Thanks for the reminder to "just do it"

  5. I am watching a very similar pair of boots on the old bay of E at the moment :)

  6. They are rather spectacular boots. So sorry to hear about your friend. I am sure she will understand about you not calling. Work gets in the way of everything.

  7. Those boots are my kind of boots!!! Where are they from?
    At least you recognise that you've put a few things off - that's the first step in actually getting them done.

    Porcelina x

  8. I love your dress! It's so pretty!

  9. Gorgeous boots they were def made for walking ;-) dee xx