Monday, 1 July 2013

Beer Adventures and a Death on the Nile Bag.

This Saturday after catching up with my brother, doing a humongous food shop and eating a stomach lining egg based brunch, Himself and I headed out for a beer based adventure.

We caught the train to deepest, darkest, rural Oxfordshire to attend the Charlbury Beer Festival.

Friends Dan and Gareth were working there and the lovely Melissa was using the festival as an opportunity to have her belated 30th birthday celebration, so what more excuses did we need?

In some respects the absolutely gorgeous weather was a blessing and a curse.

The place was packed, this was the worrying queue that greeted us at the beer tent!

There were just shy of 50 ales to sample, as well as ciders, perries and a solitary lager.
 In a most civilized fashion there was also jugs of Pimms for those who weren't fans of beer.
 Bands played (some better than others) and there was all manner of food from cake to curry. In other words something for everyone. All in all a great day out and very successful, raising £18,000 for local charities.
Sadly too successful really, because before the hands on my watch had reached 7.30pm this had happened
and there were still three and a half hours to go........

 Men were quickly dispatched to the local store where they bought the whole stock of bottled beer to stop it all kicking off.
Good Times.

Now without further ado on to the most exciting vintage bag purchase I have made in many a month, thank you oh bag gods for smiling down upon me this day.

Picture the scene from Poirot, the Death on the Nile episode, where Rosalie Otterbourne and Jacqueline De Bellefort are sitting in Rosalie's cabin going through each other's handbags "comparing lipsticks"
Now picture Rosalie's bag, the one with the Egyptian pyramid scene on it, do you remember it? No? Ok let me refresh your memory...

Yes that's the one!

Now look what arrived in the post for me this morning.
Just like the one in the episode it has a painted picture on the front and an embossed picture on the back. It's got that lovely exotic old leather smell, has many different sized compartments inside and a little mirror that has seen better days.

Let's just say I am a very, very happy bunny to add this bag to my collection for less than £15 including postage. 


  1. Oh wow! What a gorgeous bag!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Oh, that is an AWESOME bag. Will you be pairing it with a 30s traveller outfit?

    I have never heard of a beer festival selling out before now. That's either bad planning on their part or heavy drinking on the attendees'!

  3. I do love a beer festival! That looks splendid!
    I sold a bag like that a few years ago, I was amazed at how much it went for, yours was way cheaper! xxx

  4. I do like a beer festival.Haven't been to onein ages. LOVE the bag! I always say I'd like one when I see it on telly. That and Jane Birkin's big bag on Evil Under the Sun. Hurrah for Poirot/Marple 'product placements'!!
    Bargain at fifteen quid.

  5. Oh dear, we want more beer! Sounds like a great day out, and what a wonderful handbag - and a bargain too! xxx

  6. My word, what a marvelous bag! You know, for all the vintage tooled leather purses I've seen before, I do believe this is the first Egyptian themed one that's crossed my path. Needless to say, one of my own is now a vintage wishlist item! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  7. oooh not surprised you're happy! and so glad that Emma and me aren't the only ones who spot things on Murder Mystery Dramas and want them. Gorgeous bag and good beer in a field sounds like a great way to spend a day xx

  8. Oh my GAAAAAAAAAWWWWWD the bag, the bag, the bag!!!!! I adore it so much and I think I hear your phone ringing ... it's ITV wanting you to star in the next Middle-eastern Poirot! Isn't it a shame they're nearly finished? Mind you, I can't see me giving up on watching reruns ... ever! xo

  9. oh wow i love your bag! what a great find.