Saturday 23 November 2013

Presentations, Monsters and Electro-pop.

Where have the last two weeks gone?? In a flurry of good and bad things and busy times.

I had to do my first ever presentation at work which thankfully went well. Mind, if you would have put a glass of water into my hand just prior to, or just after, I would have frozen it solid!
I always get freezing cold when I'm nervous. I wish I could say I'll never have to do it again but it will be the first of many and I fear it is not something I will ever enjoy.

The same night I dragged Himself to see Gary Numan. I will confess I am sad I took him to this particular show as Gary has really gone back to his electro-pop roots, with 3 keyboards on stage and only one guitar. His sound had been a lot more guitar driven before now which I know Himself would have loved. This was most definitely not his cup of tea.
Oh dear.
I loved it but it's not the same when you know the person with you is not having a good time.

I will also add that in all of my almost 30 years of gig going, this show had by far the worst support band I have ever, ever heard, and that's saying something.
The biggest bunch of pretentious, up their own arses, whining drivel I have ever had the misfortune to stand through. At one point the singer even draped a black shawl over his head and the microphone stand to sing a song, what a twat.
I'm clearly getting to old for this shit.

Things at work have built to a crescendo and there was a massive blow up. Things were strained to breaking point and I actually started looking for a new job, which gutted me because I really enjoy working there but enough was enough.
Thankfully our manager called us all in individually for a chat and I was able to get everything off my chest. Let's just say I was guilty of letting things get to me and also listening to somone I should have know better than to.
The air has been cleared and I'm feeling much happier. I'm also being a bit more cautious about who I tell what!

After all of that, it was nice to have a weekend with no plans. Himself decided to go to Reading to see a film that wasn't on here and I went with him to do some shopping whilst he was in the cinema. I made a dent in the Christmas shopping which is always a great relief.
I did end up buying myself a couple of things. What can I say, I always do no matter how hard I try not too!
A set of Agatha Christie novels for £9
A pair of skull print lace leggings £3 in the sale at H&M. They would probably look more effective on but as they are on the radiator drying I wasn't about to test that theory today!
A little trinket pot that was going to be a present but I ended up keeping - oopps.

Finally this fella was 30p in a charity shop and I couldn't resist.

This week has been manic at work so it was blissful to head out to the pub for a plate piled high with carbs and a glass of wine or two with some friends.
We also went to see 'Frankenstein' again. This time with Jonny Lee Miller as the monster and Benedict Cumberbatch as Frankenstein. It was just as good.

Tonight of course was the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who I celebrated that with a very dusty bottle of London Pride I discovered in the kitchen.
I've been fighting an on and off scratchety throat which I refuse to give in too. I have far to much coming up to be sick, which of course is always the time you get sick.....



  1. Yes, I've got the scratchy throat/sniffly nose feeling too, and I simply don't have the time to be ill, so we'll ignore our symptoms together!
    Hope the situation at work will be much better from now on, although it always sounds madly busy. A little shopping, drinking, time with friends, music, Dr Who and Frankenstein, these are all just what you need! The dreadful support act, not so much... xxxx

  2. Nu-man! Can't believe it's been almost a year since we went. His support act were amazing last time. We normally don't bother but were pleased we did.
    Glad work's sorted, nothing worse when you spend so long there.
    I had that cold thing last week, my first in 7 years. I necked loads of paracetamol and ignored it and it's passed pretty painlessly, hope yurs does the same. x

  3. Love love LOVE Gary Numan! Wish he's come down here.
    I used to loathe presentations, but I'm not too bad now. I get a bit breathless, but I just grit my teeth and get on with it!
    Hope you get over your cold quickly! I recommend hot lemony whiskey toddies! XXX

  4. I'm glad things are improving for you at work, even if it took a blow-up to do it. Sometimes a storm will clear the air...

    That little fox trinket pot is cute, I'm not surprised you kept him.

  5. That wee little fox trinket holder is so terrifically cute! I love foxes - all woodland critters, actually - and was just thinking yesterday, I kid you not, about how I need more fox themed items in my wardrobe and house. I'd be delighted to find a similar piece while thrifting around these parts. No foxes this fall, though I did find a really charming, elegant looking small ceramic manatee figurine for the princely sum of just one dollar at a thrift shop in (the nearby city of) Kelowna a couple weekends ago. I've always adored manatees, so I was rather thrilled about that find.

    Big hugs & tons of happy Monday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. The fox and skull leggings are too cute!

  7. I do love a bit of Numan, There's nothing worse than a pants support act. I remember going to see Toyah years ago and they were supported by Verba Verba. They were so crap which is why I remember them. They got canned off and Toyah came out and told us all off!! Love the leggings. I've got a cold/flu thingy and I've taken to the Night Nurse which in the absence of a rum or two is doing the trick. Take care.xxxx