Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Frocks and Bags, or Adding to My Collection(s)

Well things are finally slowing down at work so I can stop whinging, other than to say I'm flaming knackered!

Having said that last week we went to the cinema twice. First we saw The Butler which was great and pretty thought provoking.
followed at the weekend by Saving Mr Banks, which again was very good

Even Himself liked it, the first Tom Hanks film he has ever liked!

I also visited my friend Murray for the last time on Friday HUZZAH! He *finally* got to go home after more than 5 months in hospital, it was wonderful to finally see him looking and sounding, well, like himself again. Good news indeed and a great way to end the week.

Other than that I have been collapsing in a heap each evening and doing nothing more than read. Oh and browse the bay of E because I don't have to think or expend energy to do that. I managed to miss the most amazing black and silver lurex frock because I fell asleep *WAH* but I did stay awake long enough to bid on some other things.

I bought two new frocks.

The orange one is a wonderful piece of 1970's homemade crimplene joy, though not quite as bright in the flesh as it photographs. It reminded me of the purple dress I foolishly left behind on my visit to Birmingham (though a different colour obviously).
I have also added to two of my collections in one fell swoop.

Elephants and deco handbags?  

Why yes I'll have some of that thank you. 
 Look at this glorious little clutch. Usually these sell for upwards of £40 but I managed to snag this one for £10.49. No I couldn't believe it either! and it's in fabulous condition needing nothing more than a careful clean.

 I'm one happy bunny.


  1. That's a beautiful clutch bag, nice find! And the frocks are great too, loving the orange 60s number.
    Good news about your friend, and hope you will have more time to relax now you're not quite so busy at work. Look after yourself! xxxx

  2. That bag is incredible, what a fabulous find! The orange frock is gorgeous, love the braided trim.
    So happy your friend is home. xxx

  3. *Clutch envy* That is fantastic! Every time I saw an elephant thing in Burma (and there were lost of them!) I thought of you.

    1. haha thank you I think I would have probably spontaneously combusted if I had seen some in the flesh and bought everything in sight with an elephant on it!

  4. Christmas is coming, the latest bag here, good price quality, introduced to everyone