Saturday, 30 August 2014

It's a Nice Day For a White Wedding

No no we haven't finally tied the knot, I've just been at the V&A viewing the wonderful wedding dress exhibition with Melissa and Soo.
I absolutely loved it, if I have any complaints it would be that I would have actually liked to have seen more dresses!
It was fascinating to see how the dresses have evolved but also how some styles are just timeless. You could be looking at one from 1865 and if it wasn't for the label telling you the date it could well have been lifted from the rails of any modern wedding gown shop.

Frankly some were hideous, but you know, each to their own.  The upstairs of the exhibition had lots of  'famous' dresses from Camilla to Kate Moss to Dita Von Teese, it was great to see them close up.

Star frock, for me and Melissa anyway, was a really rather gorgeous 1950's number (3rd one from the left in this picture) In fact we agreed that the case of 1940s - 50s dresses was the winner for us.
The first one on the left was made during WW2 from upholstery fabric which one very canny bride realised wasn't rationed meaning she could buy plenty of fabric and have the full skirt and train she dreamed of. The stunning deep red dress was also WW2 and very cleverly re-purposed from another outfit.
I loved this purple dress too.
Close up the stitch work and attention to detail was just breathtaking. It was lovingly created by a former ladies maid for her own wedding. Apparently she felt as she was in her 30s white wasn't appropriate, whilst personally I think that's bull, I have to say I doubt this dress would have been half as striking in plain white.

The exhibition is on until March next year and I would certainly recommend it.

What else have I been up too? Well I finished off my week of holiday with my annual trip to the huge craft fair at Stonor Park where this year I bought some very delicious mayonnaise and a cheeky blow fish.
From there I went into Oxford for cocktails with people from work, nothing like a 3 hour long 'Happy Hour' to get the night going! It was a great night out.

Saturday I nipped into town to pick up my beloved black boots which I had taken in to be re-soled prior to winter. When I handed over my ticket the man said "ah, I haven't done these yet" of course my first thought was FFS! until he explained he'd started to prepare them when he realised they were both split at the side, one boot worse than the other. Fair play to him for not just doing the job anyway and charging me but.......but.....WAAAAAAH.

They were un-fixable. So all I got to do was take the laces out and throw them in the bin. I now think maybe I should have brought them home and given them a decent send off. Oh well.
                                      R.I.P boots, we had some damn good times.

I now have the task of trying to find another pair of ankle length boots. Of course the minute you NEED some you can never find any you like *sigh*

I've been having a bit of a clothes shopping splurge lately. I have nowhere to put any more clothes but this does not stop me. I can't really afford it but this does not stop me. I've put weight on again but even that doesn't stop me. Oh dear.

Photo overload alert.
Today's outfit of top £4 and gingham pedal pushers £13

Another navy top £3
Tea dress from Peacocks £16.
Sorry for the crappy picture it had just been washed and needs ironing. I had to do a presentation on Friday and wanted to wear something I felt good in so I bought this to fit the bill. Amazingly it is actually long enough to reach just below my knee, a veritable miracle in a modern frock.

Swing pants and check frock from Collectif. I found a 30% off voucher that was valid on sale goods too = result! I got these for £30 including postage.

Jeans £9. I love that these and the gingham ones I'm currently wearing actually have to be Super High Waisted  to fit me perfectly!
Houndstooth check leggings can't remember the price but they are from New Look's Tall collection.
As is this checked frock
Another checked frock this time from from River Island £8 in the sale.
Finally another Pearl Lowe for the collection £6 Ebay
When oh when is she going to design some new dresses?



  1. You have been busy! I'm no fan of weddings but that purple dress is lovely.
    Some great new purchases there, those drop waisted dresses are fab. Shame about the boots, I keep seeing the male version of those in charity shops. xxx

  2. It's very Kate Middleton, that lace dress isn't it? Love the gingham capri pant and blue top combo. RIP boots... Xxx

  3. Heheh, that blowfish has the BEST face.

  4. Most current wedding dresses look a bit samey to me (strapless, mostly - which doesn't do a lot of women any favours...) but the ones you have shown here look lovely.
    You've been doing a fair bit of shopping there, Gisela - I think it must be to get over the grief and loss of your beloved boots! Some pretty frocks, and love the gingham pedal pushers. xxx

  5. The wedding dresses are lovely! I like how they look different. Modern wedding dresses have gotten quite dull. Love all the new shopping picks!

  6. Oh I do like a wedding dress! the exhibition looks fabulous, to see them up close would be a thrill, my Mum had a pale blue early 60's with a full ruched skirt, sadly it's long gone, mine will never compare - sorry to hear about the demise of the boots, I hope you find something equally fab! the collectif dress is totally dreamy, sometimes a spree is essential x x x

  7. The exhibition looks amazing, I just love to see the workmanship in old things.

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one: nowhere to put it, can't afford it, gained weight, still doesn't stop me either. You've got quite a few bargains!