Thursday 14 August 2014

The Picture Says it All.

Hello Lovelies, well it's been a while and all because my camera finally gave up the ghost.
Poor thing it had done good service.
It's amazing how difficult it is to blog when you can't add a picture or 10. Not that I have been up to too much but still it's not been fun going cold turkey from the blog. After much hunting we now have a shiny new camera, same make newer model. It has all the same buttons the old one did and about 50 more. I haven't figured it all out yet, I really should get round to reading the manual *cough*

So what have I been up too apart from eating and drinking more than is good for me? I've caught up with friends for dinner a couple of times and done a little shopping. Well would you expect anything else from me?

I also went to the war memorial in town for the commemoration of the beginning of WW1. There is a barracks in my home town so there is a strong link to the army.
Things started well, the schedule of events was explained followed by a reading and prayers from the vicar and another reading by a member of the British Legion.
 Candles were lit by members of the public and then sadly what should have been an extremely thought provoking and moving time was completely ruined by 3 women in their 60s who decided the time of silent contemplation was actually the perfect opportunity to have a lively gossip.
When someone went across and pointed out (a damn sight more gently and kindly that I would have!) that this was meant to be a time of silence, instead of shutting up the three were outraged and decided to kick off big style instead. 
It was so unbelievably disrespectful and so damn typical of some of the people who live in this town, I was just so angry I left before I throttled one or all of them!

Instead I came home lit a candle and watched the rest of the service from Westminster Abbey.

On Saturday I had to collect a parcel from the sorting office. This meant passing half a dozen charity shops so of course I couldn't help but nip in each one en route.
I came home with a weighty parcel that actually turned out to be for someone else when I opened it *sigh*  


Even Himself was taken with the Britvic glasses, just the right size for quaffing a Bucks Fizz or a Kir Royale and £3 for the set.

I'm not sure exactly how old the bag is, it has an old style metal zip inside so it's got to be at least 1970's. Anyway it was £3.49 and I love it so who cares?

Talking of bags I snaffled this Art Deco beauty after stalking it for ages on the Bay of E.
Other than one broken link on the chain it's in gorgeous condition, and talking of that era my Mum brought me a magnificent hat that one of her ladies brought in to Age Concern.
 It's not old and Himself hates it so it's definitely staying!

Bertha did her worst with gale and storm so I had no excuse but to finally sit down and frame my matchbox labels.
Now I just need to attach the cord and hang the picture, hopefully that won't take me another 2 years....

There was a sale in Wilkinsons, I bought some seeds for making my garden look gorgeous next year and a couple of solar lanterns for £2.50 seen here hanging on the washing spinner.

  Finally after a ridiculous palaver I actually got sent what should have been in the parcel I collected on Saturday.
I was never going to not buy these when I saw them now was I?


  1. People moan about the younger generation but its invariably people older than us with little respect for others' isn't it? Tut tut...
    Love those glasses and both the bags. Well done Mum for snaffling the hat, it looks fab. xxx

  2. Hoorah for framing the labels! Are elephants usually depicted with their trunks to the left, or is that a peculiarity of the brand?

    As to those ladies talking - honestly, you'd think older people would know better, wouldn't you?

  3. Rudeness and inappropriate behaviour know no age barriers... Oh well, have a cup of tea, that'll make it better!
    Gorgeous finds - I found a set of six Britvic from a charity shop and (reluctantly) gave them to a friend for a Christmas present. She has since confessed there is only ONE left, she (or her kids) have broken the rest! If I find any more, I'm keeping 'em!
    Cool bags, a glorious hat, and a little something for the garden - perfect! xxx

  4. People are generally rude and inconsiderate all their lives I reckon, it's not something dictated by age. Those three would have been just as rude whatever their age but you sort of expect older people to have more manners...unless you live here in Winch where most people are so rude I'm thinking of having stickers printed up to slap on their foreheads and save lots of time. Love your finds. The bags are great, I was given a bamboo handle on like that the other day but mine is proper manky. The labels look great framed

  5. Haha, Em really made me laugh with her rude stickers. Fancy those people being so disrespectful and inconsiderate of others. I don't know. You did well on your foraging expeditions. I particularly like the 70s bag and you look fab in the hat. I have those lanterns! Snap! Xxx

  6. Why did those women bother to go in the first place? They certainly weren't showing any respect. If they wanted a gossip they should have gone elsewhere instead, like a pub or cafe! Some people!!!

    Those Britivic glasses were a good buy, I've got some similar ones but in the shape of tumbers. I love the Art Deco bag also, especially that light-coloured clasp and chain. Cool label collage too :-)

  7. How bloody disrespectful and they are old enough to know better. Hope you gave them a look....I'm sure they got plenty. What mighty fine finds, love the Britvic glasses and the Art Deco bag. Look at you in the cloche hat, very House of Elliot. Your matchbox frame is a triumph. Two years is nothing... I've still to finish some embroidery started in the 90's!

  8. Some people are just vile, what is even more annoying is their absolute lack of remorse over their inappropriate gabbing, grrrr!
    I adore your hat, it's blooming wonderful! the Art Deco bag is also divine, you must be thrilled with it and those lanterns! ooooh I like them very much x x x

  9. Lush art deco bag, you lucky girl x