Friday 21 November 2014

This and That.

I had my first free weekend in ages and I was quite excited about it. I had great plans for a bit of an autumn clean.

Those who have followed my blog for a while will know we have just a wee bit of a damp/mould problem in this house. This is the time of year when it likes to take grip if I give it the slightest chance, so my eyes and nose are on high alert.
I have become quite the expert on mould, I swear one of these days with the time and inclination I will write a dissertation on it's habits.

There are the places it grows with depressing regularity, there are the places it grows just once and after a treatment of bleach never comes again.
But then it likes to be tricksy and suddenly appear somewhere unexpected, somewhere that it has never grown before.
It can appear literally overnight, open a kitchen drawer and all is well, open it again and suddenly the rolling pin is wearing a fur coat for winter!

It loves to grow on wood, though not if it's painted, it especially loves wicker. It's also a big fan of suede and if it can't have suede it will make do with leather.

In my never ending battle I have discovered the best treatment is bleach. Sadly even bleach can't stop it returning, only when it does, it comes back white instead of blue or black.

Anyway I digress, I had great plans to tackle a few of mould's favourite places but instead I woke up feeling rough as hell.
I did a couple of jobs but mostly I collapsed in a heap and watched many episodes of Twin Peaks instead. I am working my way through the whole lot from start to finish having been kindly lent the boxed sets by a colleague at work.
So far I have been amazed at how much I remember and how much I have completely forgotten! I have 7 episodes left to go so that might be my Saturday night this week sorted.

I did manage to clean my new handbag display stand, and typically for me, having already bought the black paint I decided to leave it brown after all!
I tried it this way
but in the end I have it turned this way. Not as attractive but it does give me easy access to all the bags on the bottom shelf and holds one of my dishes of Brooches too.

Oh and to answer the question from Mim.Yes I was absolutely losing track of my brooches and never wearing the ones at the bottom of the dish, hence the reason behind getting another dish! (no it wasn't at all an excuse to buy even more brooches....)

I did also forget to share with you the other thing I bought on my last charity shop outing.
Now I have the perfect excuse to buy chocolates to go in it!

On the note of that certain day. Tomorrow Soo and I are off to Reading to do some shopping.



  1. Thanks for the mould tip, I have a small patch in my conservatory I shall try bleach.

  2. Ugh, my sympathy, I get a bit of mould in the corners of my room but it's not really come back since I made sure the spaces were better ventilated. (Still have a problem with condensation though, but that's what comes of having a 6ft high/wide sash window, blagh).

    I've found a good way to store my brooches is on a corkboard -- I covered an old one with scrap fabric and use it to hang necklaces too. I hang it in the dead space behind the door (where there's no room for anything else anyway) and it's much easier to find my stuff now.

  3. Your battle against mould brings back memories of being a student and living in damp houses... Good luck as you fight the good fight this winter!
    The bag stand is looking great, and yes, actually being able to see your stuff will mean pieces get worn more regularly, I reckon.
    Enjoy your shopping trip! xxx

  4. That's a lovely handbag collection! Glad the stand turned out to be perfect for it.

    I feel for you with the mould issue, we have a few cold spots in the house where it's an issue, but are gradually doing things to combat it, including trying to keep the whole house warmer (we're installing a woodburner among other things) and insulating cupboards on outside walls etc. Leather shoes seem to be the main target with us!


  5. Get yourself some Kilrock from Wilkos. Our house suffers with condensation and the dampness causes mould. These take the dampness out of the air and seem to help. Love the arrangement of bags, come and sort my stall out, i never know how to make them look inviting! xx

  6. Oh my, that mould situation sounds like a total nightmare. I'd hate that. Does it affect your health, like getting more colds or anything? The bag collection, on the other hand, is looking fabulous! :) xxx

  7. Hah, I did wonder! I have brooches that haven't seen the light of day in months, thoughI do try to go through my jewellery every so often and wear any forgotten bits. You've got some splendid bags there, especially the one with the boat on.

    Argh to the mould. Is it a lack of ventilation problem, or is there damp coming up from ground level? A couple of people at my dance class have been battling it lately, and they both swear by bleach too, though one has got a dehumidifier to reduce the amount of damp in her house now too.