Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Green is the Colour.

So another week or more has passed by in a flurry of pasta and wine, films and purchases. 

I have eaten out 3 times, all of which involved garlic bread and I’m out again tonight to Ask Italian. Now I’m no Mystic Meg, but I predict garlic bread in my immediate future too. My excuse, (should I need one) is Himself is battling a cold and the garlic helps me fight his germs.

As some of you may know last week Wednesday was ‘Back to the Future Day’ and Himself and I met in town to do a double bill at Odeon of parts one and two. (Himself was not a happy bunny that his beloved Cineworld were not partaking in the event!) I have to say much as I do love the first film, I’m not a huge fan of Back to the Future 2, but I did thoroughly enjoy wallowing in nostalgia and seeing both films back on the big screen.
We also went to see Spectre on Monday. I enjoyed it, as a bog standard Bond film it did exactly what it says on the tin. It was nowhere near in the league of Skyfall but I did enjoy it, though there were a few things I found irritating, mostly the woman sat next to us who did yap through a lot of the film.

I managed to spectacularly cock up at the weekend and double booked myself which meant I couldn’t drop by and see Vix and Jon when they were in Oxford for a vintage fair, what a muppet!

Instead I felt I had to honour my other agreement to help my Ma out at a charity sale. Talking of which she was in the local paper last week for her latest charity sewing endeavour (sock cats) made to raise money for a new mini bus for Dad’s care home.
The reporter rang her out of the blue at home and ‘interviewed’ her over the phone so she was in a complete panic that she had said something daft bless her. They also visited the care home to take some pictures.

As it goes it was a pretty standard ‘local paper’ story ending with a pithy and oh so typical quote from my Dad, I could hear his voice as I read it and roared with laughter. A few other people who know him also said they could just hear him say it. Best of all it raised £300 in donations just from the story appearing, so well done Mum.

I’ve done yet more clothes purchasing of late and when I brought it all together last night for a hasty picture I realised it was 99% green. 
Now I admit green is one of my favourite colours, and one I wear a lot but it’s unusual for me to buy in just one colour on this kind of scale! 
Lumped together in this photo are a cardigan, a shirt, a tunic, a dress, a glittery jumper and a black sequin cat.

I also added 2 more Hell Bunny dresses to my now very large collection, both bargains off Ebay. 

There is a story to the spotty one, I had an email to say it had been dispatched. Over a week passed and it didn’t arrive so I emailed the seller to ask for details. She provided the tracking number which showed according to the Post Office website at least that a delivery had been attempted and as no one was home they had 'left a card'.

Well obviously, and sadly not for the first time, they hadn’t left a card.

I complained and got a generic grovelling email back saying they would ‘pass my concerns on to the manager of my local sorting office so that any future deliveries would be managed smoothly’

Not much help to me and my undelivered parcel as you can’t collect a parcel or arrange a re-delivery at our sorting office without the number from your card.
I printed a screen shot of the tracking details and took that. When I got there, before I could even explain the woman behind the counter went “What am I meant to do with that?” her customer service skills did not improve from there.
At one point she actually asked me, and I quote,
 “Are you quite sure you don’t have a doggy who might have eaten the card” with admirable restraint I just said “Thank you yes, I am quite sure we have never owned a dog”!

I did eventually get my parcel.  

I also finally got around to sorting out this velvet pinstripe jacket that I bought for a £1 in a charity shop a while ago. I have always loved a velvet jacket, and indeed had a black pinstripe one I wore so much it's pile wore away and it went bald!   
Well this one had weird patchwork floral elbow pads and hideous buttons. I unpicked the elbow patches, which was a pain in the arse if I'm honest, and replaced the buttons with three random vintage ones I had in my button tin.
I'm very happy with the end result.

Finally as you can see I have added another pair of brogues to the collection, to be fair I actually sold a pair that I only wore once because they wrecked my feet, so really my collection hasn’t actually increased at all.  


  1. Oo are those the blue suede brogues?? I have those Clarks brogues in grey, and after the weekend visit to the outlet, in pink too! I love both dresses and that jacket, you've done exceptionally well!! Boo to poor customer skills, how rude. Xx

  2. Blimey you have been busy hope you enjoyed your meal and garlic bread last night :-) Sorry your other half has a cold. I love the green polka dot dress its lush glad you managed to get it in the end. I loved Back to the Future when it first came out amazing where the years roll to. dee x

  3. I *really* want to see Spectre. Sad that it's not as good as Skyfall, though that was so good they'd have done well to equal it.

    Is the black sequin cat being worn for Halloween? He looks appropriate for that.

  4. That's funny. I've just been in the Post Office and there's a massive sign saying that if you haven't got the red card you can't collect but they're happy to redeliver. Sounds like a stern letter of complaint is needed!
    Love the sequinned cat, the brogues and your jacket refashion. Sad we didn't see each other but £300 is a brilliant result. Well done Mum & Dad!
    Can't wait to see Spectre. xxx

  5. I would have been sorely tempted to slap that silly bint at the P.O. after that inane comment. Love the sequined moggy and the jacket makeover. Looking forward to seeing Spectre...I loved Skyfall.

  6. Well done to your mum for the excellent fundraising. Loving all the green and the velvet jacket make-over.
    But are you SURE you haven't got a dog?! xxx

  7. Few things are more taxing at times than the postal system. Wow, to think that the employee at your suggested a dog ate your pick-up notice. Sure, it could happen, but why go though before trying everything else to try and track down your package and help you? I'm fortunate that some of the current employees at our local post office are friendly and helpful, but the mail carriers don't always fit that profile here and in general I've had some horror story experiences with Canada Post over the years, especially when we lived in Toronto. It's great though that you eventually got your order. Phew!

    Big hugs & happy mid-November wishes,
    ♥ Jessica